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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas red

Christmas and the colour red just seem go together somehow

Last Thursday night I had a splendid red bottom after asking my wife to open 3 of the Advent calendar boxes in one go.

We were both out on Tuesday and then we had to go to my wife’s work Christmas dinner on Wednesday, so it was only yesterday, on the 12th, that I was able to present myself for the next spanking after the 9th of December

I was at home most of Thursday and after getting dinner ready I left a note downstairs and went to the bedroom a few minutes before I expected my wife to arrive back from work.

Upstairs I pulled out the round headed pandy bat from the instrument box, washed myself carefully stripped bare and then I slipped into my red punishment panties and put myself in the corner. When I  heard the car on the drive I straightened up and placed my hands on my head.

I heard her bustle around downstairs and then the sound of footsteps on the stairs. She breezed in and went to the bathroom leaving me standing there like the naughty boy I wanted to be.

Moments later she was stood behind me and telling me to turn round. She was dressed in her bra and office skirt with black shoes and looked gorgeously stern.

“Well,” she said." Your’e all dressed up aren’t you? Did I say you could wear knickers today?"

“No ma’am. Sorry ma’am.” I looked down at my feet. “Please ma’am may could you open the Advent Calendar ma’am?”

She grabbed hold of my testicles through the thin panties and pulled me over to the side of the bed.

“Bend over, hands on top of the duvet.”

I saw her pick up the paddle and braced myself.

"So ask me nicely then.!"

"Please ma’am, can you open box number 10 of theAdvent calendar ma'am?"

The paddle landed smartly on one cheek and the ouch effect was sharply transmitted to my head. My wife expertly landed 10 strokes and paused.
Thank you ma’am. That’s seventy ma'am".

"Oh we are off to a good start. You seem to have all the numbers in your head this time." 

With a quick movement she yanked my boy boy shorts up to expose both cheeks of my bottom.

"Please open box 11 ma’am."

That day's spanking followed quickly and  I was soon asking her to open box 12

My head was in a great place when  box 12 was fully opened  and I  thanked her for the 93 strokes  as she placed the long pandy bat on the bed and rubbed my blazing my bottom with one hand. She  scolded me again for wearing the panties and told me to stand up and face her. Looking straight into my eyes she brought the open palm of her hand smartly up and spanked my balls. I jumped with the pain but she told me to hold still and not disobey her in the future when it comes to wearing female garb. She spanked me three more times and then went off to change out of her work clothes.

“By the way, a few of the girls at work said what a perfect gent you were at the party. I just told them you were well trained. I might reward you with the cane this weekend. "

“Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am.”

Whilst I was getting dressed I took a look in the long mirror on the guest room wall and  got a kick out the very red bottom, dotted with those blotchy white marks where the paddle had landed repeatedly.

There are plenty of nice red gifts out there to buy my wife for Christmas, so I had better get down to the shops soon.


  1. I have only gotten a tiny bit of red this season, but hey! It's one tiny bit more than what I have gotten in other seasons :)

    1. As you say there are many days left. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. She walked into the frontroom wearing her Christmas red panties, that was all, I was not alone, her best friend was visiting and soon displayed she too was wearing red panties. I made the comment about two naughty girls and they both smiled and softly said, naughty girls get a spanking. I soon had two naughty little girls facing the wall, red panties around the ankles and very red bottoms on display. A picture was needed and to their objections I got the picture and they both got another sound spanking for not doing as told.


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