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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Healthy Living

Anyone out there remember Health and Efficiency?

This magazine was a god-send for a boy teenager in the 70s. 

So many secret moments of doing you know what, holding a copy of the magazine in one hand and something else in the other.

This was also the decade that I discovered the existence of saunas but they were very much a Nordic experience and not one that I was likely to come across in the UK. 

Certainly not one like this. 

I was even more intrigued at that age to learn that saunas meant switching with birch twigs, something I have yet to experience. A whipping in a sauna is on my bucket list, with ladies only present.

The stimulus to all of these thoughts was when I came across this image; discovered on Tumblr,

It immediately screamed Health and Efficiency at me , but the blonde girl's hand would not have been allowed there in 1975.

In 1949 the magazine was in good health but the cover was a little more discrete, with bikinis and not nudity. To be fair this is as exciting as the fully nude covers which came later.

Hey ho. Tempus Fugit.

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