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Monday, 23 December 2013

Pardon me

Excuse me whilst I fiddle about with Picasa trying to get a new headline image for the blog. I will get it right soon.

I hope some of you have noticed the slideshow on the right hand side. I keep changing and adding to the set of images so it does not become too dull.

I managed to introduce the opening of Advent Calendar Box 13 this morning by taking the bath-brush into the bedroom along with her early morning cup of tea.

My wife gave me the 13 crisp spanks over my pyjama bottoms before resting back on the pillows and sipping her tea and opening Christmas cards which were left over from Saturday. 

Whilst this spot of "me time" was going on for her, I polished the heels of her boots which had become scuffed from driving. 

I had three sets of boots to do. One was thewinter snow type with flat heels, one was the shopping type with workmanlike heels and the best were her dress set with long sharp heels. 

They were all shining by the time I had finished. 

I enjoyed performing the task with my smarting and stinging bottom and I asked if there was anything else I could do for her? She took the fun out of my reverie when she said yes, I could clean the downstairs toilet.

I was left to prepare the house for Christmas when she went off to work. She will be late home and I have to pick her up from her office drinks party tonight. 

Maybe if she is in a good mood I can ask her to open Box 14 with the riding crop.


  1. Cleaning boots can be a therapeutic pastime, especially with a burning bottom to help focus your mind. I liked the artwork of your headline image - rather than the photos!

    1. Hi RM - you are correct about boot cleaning. Will keep working on the blog header. Thanks for the support this year and have a submissively quiet Crimbo.


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