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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Chores and badness

TALLULAH1 DRAWING FINAL Interview Fashion Illustrator and Lecturer Naomi Austin: My wife went away for two days over the weekend to visit a  girl friend who has recently separated from her husband. Goodness only knows what they will talk about. 

I quite fancy the friend myself, not that I would ever willingly part from my wife and mistress. My wife left straight from work on Friday and is due home today.

 I was left with a long list of chores which not only included housework but some house repairs. On Saturday  I got up early and after a shower  I dressed in a pair of knickers and added a size 16 suspender belt and large stockings in their white bridal range, all of which I had bought from a superstore that I passed on the road after some work away. I didn't want to get spotted in the local store.  I was given a look at the checkout but I had added some gift wrap and a box of chocolates so as to pass it off as a present.

“ Panties over the garter belt where they belong.
The tightness of the underwear was delicious and after I had looked at myself in the mirror I went to the toy chest and pulled out the paddle with the wide round head and gave myself a dozen stingers on each cheek. That got me sharpened up and then it was into my jeans and a T shirt and on with the chores. During the day I went back to the bedroom three or four times, lowered my trousers and spanked myself hard in front of the mirror.

In the evening I showered again and put on fresh silk panties and some tights and went out for a beer at the local pub. It was enjoyable knowing what the people at the bar did not know and probably would never have guessed. 

Back home I got the long red whip out of the cupboard and stood by the side of the bed watching a Spanking tube video with my cock in my hand. I included orgasm control in my activity and replayed the video  three or for times. I knew better than to come in case my wife checked on me when I got home.

 So now it is early Sunday and I need to start the chores. All the lingerie has been put in the wash and will have to be hidden well for another outing.

I wouldn't mind a proper spanking today for all my naughty behaviour so I might just engineer some unfinished job,

Spanked over stocking covered thighs? Why yes, I would be erect as well. I would also most definitly be making a big mess on her lap.


  1. Sounds like more play than assigned duties. Unless you are fast just having one day to get chores done is not enough so you can expect to have your bottom bared and well spanked. Maybe in their lady talk she was telling her friend that you wouldn't get chores done and she would have to spank you.

    1. Hi Archedone thanks for stopping by.

  2. I have to agree with arched one. You spent far too much time enjoying yourself on Saturday, I hope you managed to finish the list of chores, and that the repairs were done properly.


  3. Hi yes I did waste a bit of time but it did lead to trouble. More later on. Thanks for stopping by.


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