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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Weekend finishes on a low.

I picked up my wife from the station late on Sunday afternoon. She had had a good time with her recently divorced friend.

At home she went off to shower and I followed, carrying her small case. As she took her clothes off she handed me the underwear she was wearing and told me to hand-wash those and the other tights, panties and bra which were in her case and to put her pj's and blouse in the laundry. 

I got on with these simple tasks. I savoured the feel of the silk garments she had worn.


After thirty minutes or so she was downstairs sipping a glass of wine and inspecting the jobs list and checking it off against what she could see.

I tried to distract her by asking how the weekend had gone and she said she would tell me later.

I went back upstairs and laid out the hand washed lingerie on a towel, to dry in the guest room. I noticed the riding crop lying on the top of the blanket chest on the landing. I was sure that I had put it away after using it on myself the day before. I stiffened in my trousers at the sight of it and wondered what might my wife had in mind.

Whilst I served dinner my wife commented on the fact that her bathroom had not been cleaned, despite the fact that it was on the list. I said that I hoped she found all the other jobs were well done but that I had not had time to do everything. She was surprised with my response and told me I was being cheeky. She reminded me that I was still due to caned severely as a punishment and she would give me extra strokes now for my disobedient attitude. 

After dinner she told me to put the riding crop away. Her intention had been to give me good boy whipping that night, but she said I had spoilt things by being uppity about the chores she had set.

I regretted my attitude but there was nothing to be done. I had spoken out and had to suffer the consequences. 

I tried to make up to her in bed but she rebutted my approaches. I got out of bed and went round to her side. Getting down on my knees I apologised profusely and asked her to kiss and make up. She told me to stand up and with her left hand she grabbed my balls through my pants and squeezed hard. 

Remember who you're talking to in future, young man. Now kiss my feet and get back into bed. I will use the new cane to get my message through to you.

I lifted the end of the bed cover and knelt again to kiss and smother her toes and feet with submissive love.

Back on my side of the bed I leaned over to kiss her goodnight. It is not good to go to sleep on a disagreement. 
Sorry my love I whispered. You will be. Now go to sleep and keep your hands off your dick.

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