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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Permission granted.

loft lifeYou're very quiet.

Sorry I was thinking.

What about.

For a moment I said nothing and then

I was wondering when you might be going to cane me. with that new cane.

Ah yes. The new cane. Are you worried about it?

Well yes, worried and excited I guess.

Are you excited now?


Show me. Stand up.

look innocent

I got to my feet and undid my belt and dropped my trousers. My prick was bulging out my pants.

That looks nice. Come here.

I shuffled over toward her with my trousers around my ankles.

Take your pants down.

 I pulled the elastic waist band  up and over the head of my penis, which jumped into the fresh air, and then slowly rolled the pants down to my thighs.

Turn around.

I shuffled again. My wife leaned forward and placed one cool  hand on my butt and slid the other around the front, taking my erection in a firm grip.

So you would like to know when I'm going to cane you? 

She pulled hard on my prick, rubbing her grip up and down vigorously, Then she slapped my bare bottom with her other hand. Answer me!

Yes ma'am

She spanked me again. And you don't want to know how ?

Well I suppose I do want to know how, but I'm not sure I'll like the answer.

 I pushed my butt back towards her as she wanked me still harder.

You're nervous.Well you should be. 

She let go of me and tapped the side of one bottom cheek.

Turn around. I spun round to face her.

Now wank. She settled back in her chair to watch me,

Over the next thirty seconds she told me in some detail how she was going to cane me and cane me so hard that I would wish I had never asked to be submissive.

Fellatio Love
by Loki Arts
Fresh Paint

I pumped hard in front of her and just when I was about to ask her if I could come,  she pulled my hand away.

Stop right there.

Leaning forward again in the chair, she took my balls in one hand and squeezed tight and then dipped her head to out her mouth over my prick. She licked and I felt an ounce of pre-cum rise out of the tip. 

She opened her mouth wider so that she could speak. Start wanking again.

 I took hold of myself just below her lips and rubbed. She started to slap and spank my balls with an upward flick of the palm and fingers of her hand and I moaned with the pain in my groin and the pleasure of her tongue. She sensed I was coming and lifted  her mouth away. 

Come in your hand, she instructed.  

I pumped myself more vigorously , bending my knees and thrusting my hips to join the motion of my hand. Just as I began to spurt I cupped my left hand and forced my prick downwards with my other hand, so that the cum spurted out onto my palm. I shuddered with the orgasm and squeezed out all the white stuff.

When I was done and standing weak-kneed and drained, she told me to lick my hand and swallow my stuff.

The taste was bitter and then creamy sweet. 

So that's it boy. That's your last orgasm until I thrash you.

I pulled up my pants and then my trousers. 

Thank you Mistress, I managed to utter my appreciation.

You will have to remember to thank me when I'm caning you. Now get me a cup of tea..


  1. Wow that was a great post. Hope you are caned well and share.

  2. Nice one Michael.


  3. Your wife knows just what she's doing and how to do it. Bravo for her, and aren't you happy that she keeps you so much out of balance? After all, knowing what will happen - and when - is so boring. Don't forget to thank her when she finally uses that cane.


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