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Sunday, 18 September 2016

A gentle massage.

The temperature is dropping in the UK now, so I guess that summer is coming to an end.

In our house a massage for my wife has to be executed in a warm environment, so when my wife suggested on Friday night that she be given the full works of a relaxation session before the week starts, I knew that I had to act quickly. 

She went off to an  aerobics class in the late afternoon on Saturday and I had a hot bath waiting for her at the right time for her getting home. The room needed the central heating on to make it perfect for my Mistress.  When she came up the stairs  I helped remove her sweaty top and leggings and took her through in her g- string to the bathroom.  The air was sweet with incense oil burning. She stood silent whilst I pulled down the pants and knelt to lay kisses on the inside of her thighs and on her bush. She told me to leave her, before stepping into the bath. 

I had laid out towels on the mattress and had the duvet ready to cover her body when the massage was over.

After a long soak she called me in to dry her off and wrap her in a robe. While she sat on the bathroom chair I dried her ankles, feet and toes and kissed each foot.

You are a good slave, she said, but quite naughty. What should I do with you?

You should punish me Ma'am.

I will. I will thrash you with my new cane this week. You won't know when. But now I want my massage. Is everything ready?

Yes ma'am, all is prepared.
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She fell asleep after the treatment and woke up at about 8pm to enjoy the dinner I had cooked.

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