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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Warm evenings

Image result for joanna vanderham naked
Image result for joanna vanderham naked

It is still very hot weather here in the UK. When my wife arrived home yesterday evening she went off to shower and then appeared for supper wearing very light clothes. We settled down to watch a TV programme, in which this woman has a more modern role than the one depicted. I thought how good she might be at spanking. She has a certain look that indicates she might be quite a honey at discipline.

Anyway, once the programme was over, I told my wife that I had collected the new cane from the mail box shop. She told me to fetch it. On her instruction I knelt in front of her and  unwrapped the long cardboard parcel and held it out for my wife to slide out the cane, by the crooked handle. She did this in a protracted way keeping her eyes on mine all the time.

She stroked the smooth rattan cane and said she was pleased. It looked as though it would fit the bill. She could sense my excitement I think and opened her bare legs under the thin cotton nightie she was wearing.

You may pull down my knickers and kiss me if you like!

I needed no more encouragement and within a few seconds I had my head buried between her thighs and my tongue licking at her lips. She wriggled lower down in the chair so that her bottom was on the edge of the seat cushion and I ran my tongue softly between her ring and pussy. 

When she had come two or three times we packed up and went to bed. She was holding the cane behind her, across her panties, as I followed her up the stairs. Once in the bedroom she told me she was putting the cane away in her wardrobe and not in the chest with the other toys. She would bring it out when she wanted to thrash me properly, she told me, and it would only be her who decided when it would be used. To emphasise the point she lifted the corner of the duvet and swished the cane down hard on the mattress. It crumped into the white bed sheet and left a long depression. Sounds good,eh? 

I am in no doubt that cane is going to hurt a lot.

When I saw this photo,I wondered if this was the factory that made the School canes with which I was beaten, in those far off days, when boys did as they were told or faced the consequences. You can see that she is an experienced superviser, who only wants the best reaction at the receiving end of the supply chain.

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