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Monday, 16 November 2015

Times past

I had to visit an office close to a University the other day and the walk to the building  was a joy. So many females in leggings and boots on the footpath and square. It was hard to concentrate.

Classy outfit idea style with skinny jeans and combat boots

It took me back to those college years in my twenties, when an erection was something that just happened, not something you had to try and maintain for more than a few seconds.

The spanking pictures were few and far between in the 70's and there was a huge thrill when you finally tracked one down.

Janus magazine was only sold in a few newsagents shops and it was hard to find a copy.

I spent a lot of time at college trying to find girlfriends who would be spanked. I was partially successful.

Heart and Soul: A Treat in Stockings me prior to a spanking, via

When I first travelled to the States as a young man I was overjoyed to find many more spanking mags, but they mostly came with pictures and no stories.

Here are a few retro shots for older readers.

YEOWCH 2014: erotic spanking 71105_MO03_123_1105lo.JPG via

Retro 1960's Spanking Photo Gallery - Free Classic Spanking Photos Retro 1960's Spanking Photo via

Lady Spank - Page 6 of 14 Photo reblogged from Vintage via

Nowadays you can get the image that you desire at the click of a mouse.

Just like these.

As an animal lover and keen equestrian, I do not believe in using the riding crop…on horses anyway…naughty bottoms? That’s upto Him.

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  1. Much prefer the retro black and whites. Thanks Michael.



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