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Sunday, 13 November 2016

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We had a great party night and we raised a good amount of money for the Charity. There was a lot of hilarious middle-age dancing to oldies 70s and 80s  music. The type of dancing  taht your children don't want to see you doing..

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Mistress and I  staggered around this morning, not sure where to start on the clean-up, and then, out of the blue, 6 friends arrived at 8.30'ish to help and a neighbour arrived with bacon butties, so by midday we were pretty much all sorted.

I had squirreled away two complimentary day passes for the pool and spa at a local hotel so we decided that was the best medicine for our tiredness and went off there. We spent a couple of hours in their steam room and sauna and pool and fell asleep on their loungers. Being a Sunday afternoon all the weekend guests had gone and we had the place pretty much to ourselves. They tried to get us to join but we politely said we would think about it.

Back home I started to make supper from the leftovers and my wife did some prep work for the weekend ahead. I was thinking that the spanking would probably not happen when my wife suddenly marched into the kitchen with the long paddle.

Garage now, she commanded.

When I was pants down and bent over the folding workbench she administered 30 absolute stingers to my bare bottom. It was painful on my hips being stretched over the sharp edged wood top but the spanking was heaven and I stayed put hoping for a few more swats. I adore my Mistress when she is enthusiastic about her task. She landed anther two and told me to get up and get on.

 I went back to the kitchen with a stingly bottom, as Ronnie would say, and spent a delicious evening sitting on a warm and glowing posterior.

We had some oral sex on the couch after watching TV. I knelt down whilst my Mistress lay back on the sofa. Mistress said she would add  £2.00 to the charity for every orgasm I managed to give her so that amounted to another £10.00. I was allowed to wank standing in front of her whilst she hand spanked my rear. 

I retrospectively offered to add a £1.00 for each paddle spank she had given me.

 All in all a very charitable weekend.

She knew what she was doing on our first date. When we got back to her apartment she spanked me, which made me bigger, harder and hornier, then took me to bed


  1. Sounds like a wonderful, giving weekend! Retro music is wonderful to dance to. =)

    1. Hi cb, thanks for stopping by. It was a great weekend.

  2. Michael, sounds like the evening was a great successful. Then next day spa, spanked and sex. Wonderful.


  3. It was indeed a weekend of fun and frolic. We were saying that we should do it again next year. The party that is.


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