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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Nada importante

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I got a bit fed up with the all the news today so I spent a bit of time browsing.

Sometimes a picture can just cheer you up and take you out of yourself.

I do like panty girdles.

I will get on with some more serious writing soon, but here is a little ditty.

A naughty young lady called Bianca
Fell asleep while the ship lay at anchor. 
She awoke in dismay 
when she heard the mate say 
now lift up her top sheet and spanker
Dollhouse Bettie ~ Retro, Authentic Vintage & Pinup Lingerie ~ Rago 6797 White Lacette Long Leg Pantie Girdle:

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  1. We both posted on girdles today. I so love the sound a wood paddle makes on contact with Lycra.


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