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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Sunday spanklet - Wives make a discovery

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Harper and Ella had been friends since third grade. 

They did everything together, they went to the same college, met their future husbands, Ben and Anthony, in the same bar, got married in the same year and convinced their men to set up house in the same small commuter town north of New York.

 The boys they married  had room- shared at the same college and enjoyed playing the same sports. When college ended the boys even gotten similar jobs, Ben in finance and Anthony  in insurance.

The couples routinely took holidays together and weekends away and the girls were constantly round each others house. 

 Harper and Ella  had decided that the next year might be the year for having children, so the vacation they were on now was specially selected by them  as a Singles resort in Mexico.

They had adjoining rooms with a door between them. The girls kept it unlocked so that they could run in and out when they wanted to share make up or a hairdryer. It was closed in the evenings but they could still hear each other's activities. That didn't matter much because both women shared their life experiences in the tiniest detail.

This particular day, close to the end of the holiday, the  two women had gone to explore a local market and the boys were due to play tennis and then maybe head to the beach and water ski.

When Harper and Ella arrived back at the hotel, laden with things they didn't really want or need, Harper could not find the pass key to her room so they both went into Ella's room. 

They planned to change into their swimwear and head off to find the boys.

They both heard the sounds in the next door room  and Harper was the first through the adjoining door. with Ella close behind. What they saw astounded them both 

The two men were both butt naked. Ben was kneeling on the floor in front of Antony and from the erection that Anthony was sporting, it was pretty clear that the boys had been having a  sexual experience.
Ella pulled Harper back through the door and slammed it shut. They looked at each other in shock. When there was a knock on the door, Harper yelled for the men to stay where they were, she didn't want to see either of them.

The girls sat on the bed side by side. They talked in low tones asking each other if they had known about this or seen it coming and what they should do . Harper was close to tears imagining all her dreams of children and a happy marriage slipping away.

Then Ella  laughed. 

You know what ,she said, at least we should not have to worry about either of them running off with another woman. In fact  we could turn this to our advantage. 

She stood  up, walked to a drawer and then to the door into Harper's room. She threw some of her husband's clothes through the door. 

Get dressed, she said sternly, and make yourself scarce, she told both of the shamefaced  men.

Be back here in an hour and we will discuss what happens next. I think you will find your nice sweet wives are about to get a little bit mean.

Ella  slammed the door closed. It was time to get Harper on side. It was time the boys learned who had the real power.

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  1. I wonder who had the "real power".

    1. Hi Tomy. Good to hear from you. In my case it's my wife and I like it.

  2. Shawn, my wife has the real power, if I did anything like that and got caught, divorce would not be even consider, only my bare bottom and the one I was with would be addressed.


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