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Saturday, 19 November 2016

LOL Day 2

Not sure what one is meant to write about on Day 2 of LOL.

Here is what I am thinking about at the moment , but I can't see it ever happening.

My wife has used my own vibrator on me, but has so far drawn the line on getting into a strap-on dildo .

After all the reading that I have done on spanking blogs during LOL Day 1, I am definitely in the mood for a good whipping. I just have to think of a way to ask for one this weekend.

Have a good weekend and thanks for all the comments.


  1. I agree all this reading puts one in the mood for a good...choose whatever you are in the mood for. Thankfully, Master was in the same mood yesterday! Hope you get your whipping soon.hugs abby

  2. I got a good hard spanking yesterday. No reason, my wife just wanted to. She use a wooden spoon and now I have bruises.


  3. Hope you get your whipping weekend. It sounds good!

    1. Your 136 total sounds just the ticket.I will report back. Thanks

  4. Belated LOL to you Micheal, and may the next year include a strap-on sexual encounter. Ask nicely, and do everything you can to please your wife beyond her wildest dreams.
    bottoms up

  5. you are right about good button whipping sounds like just what I need too.


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