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Monday, 21 November 2016

Sunday - funday

I woke up with a plan on Sunday. To get the chores done and to get spanked, if I could. 

In our relationship it is my wife who generally chooses when to apply something to my behind. It is not my call. I should not be complaining - I had great time over  the workbench in the garage last week after the party.

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I slipped out of bed this morning showered in the guest bathroom and stayed in my pants and dressing gown because my clothes were back in the bedroom. 

I left my wife asleep and the arrangement on a Sunday is that she calls me on the mobile when she is awake. This avoids me bringing her tea too early if she wants to lie in.

I started on the chores and sorted out the laundry and the hand wash of thje more delicate items. Then I laid out some food for breakfast and did some blogging and e mailing with a coffee. The tea call came through about an hour later.

On entering the room my wife was under the covers. I bid her a good morning, laid her tea down and went to the bathroom. She was sitting up in bed when I came out and I took off my dressing gown and got in beside her.

 We kissed and I said I had a favour to ask. I explained that I had a real urge to be spanked that morning and wondered if she would oblige. Funny that, she said because she had woken up thinking how nice it would be to lie in bed and come, on such a wet and gloomy day.

She put her mug of tea down and went off to wash. When she came back in her night robe she was carrying the bathbrush.

Right then over on your tummy, let's see that bottom. 

I began to say that I had not meant the bathbrush ,more a hand spanking. You don't get to choose remember. Besides I need some exercise

Now get over.

I rolled on the bed and savoured the feel of her fingers tugging down my pants. Slowly she curled the elastic and fabric down from my waist and I lifted my hips to allow them to clear my hips. Then she halted when they had reached my thighs. Gently she ran a hand up over my bottom. I shivered with excitement. She went round the other side of the bed and knelt up on the mattress beside me.

After this I want your full attention on me.

Yes ma'am, I volunteered cheerfully. 

We still haven't used the new cane have we?

No ma'am.

OK we will schedule it for sometime before Christmas. That's something to look forward to, at least for me, but it will be properly sore for you.

She laid the end of the bathbrush on one cheek and then lifted it and smacked down hard. Then the same thing on the other cheek. Teasingly slow, she spanked me thoroughly and hard. I was moving around to avoid the brush when we got to no more than a dozen strokes.

For goodness sake, lie still boy.

Yes ma'am. Sorry
I gripped the sheet on top of the mattress and steadied myself for the rest of the spanking..

Twenty more spanks and she called it a day. I lay still and absorbed the delicious heat in my bottom as she lay back on her  side of the bed. She pulled the nightgown off and I swivelled my body through 90 degrees to get my head  between her legs.She tasted clean and slightly perfumed and I got to work quickly as a my way of thanking her.

I felt her hand run over my well spanked bottom and then down between my legs. I wriggled backwards a little so that her arm was not stretched out and she grabbed my penis, squeezing it tight, then my balls, digging her nails into my scrotum. I felt duly submissive and licked at her even harder.She arched her back as the first orgasm shot through her waist and she held my balls in a tight grip. 

Image result for erotic women in bedShe laughed after that first orgasm. A deep happy laugh. Go on, go on,she demanded , slapping my bum.

I managed to get her to five biggish ones before we stopped. I flopped back on the bed and we feel asleep curled up together, me with a glowing but and her with some well kissed lips. 

We woke about an hour later and got on with the day. We haven't had morning sex for quite a long time so it was good to see we hadn't become too set in our ways. 


  1. Sounds like a great start to the day for both of you!

    1. Hi Rosie. Yes things were good on Sunday. Thanks

  2. A spanking asked for and a spanking received. A spanking so good you had to be reminded to hold position. Then with a nice red and sore bottom you did what all good submissive husbands do. You put your head between her legs and enjoyed her juicy treasures until she had enough. What a wonderful morning thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi archedone. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. A lot of my friends consider Sunday a lazy day, but I like your version much better.
    hugs abby

    1. Hi Abby. Yes it is best to be active I find. Never could sit still. Thanks

  4. Ooh, that was a nice start to Sunday!
    love Jan, xx

    1. Hi Jan. It was super special and we made a good day of it.Thanks

  5. Great way to start any day. CHEERS

    1. Hi Joe. Good to hear from you. Thanks


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