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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

To have, to hold and to obey.

Not sure if many readers have spotted the new widget in the top left hand corner of this page.

Blogger took away Slideshows which was a nuisance. I have been trying to do slide shows on Tumblr and create a link to it,but it is not turning out so well.

In the meantime I found this Blogger widget that allows me to put up direct links to interesting stuff in one click of your mouse and I can ring the changes easily.

I have just added a story about a Wedding Night.

The other day I stood and watched a pretty bride coming out of a church in town on the arm of her man. I wondered what she might be wearing underneath that long dress and what they might get up to that night, if the groom stayed sober enough.

I have  erotic memories about my wife spanking me on our honeymoon. She did it about three times from memory and let me spank her once when we were having sex doggy style on a hot day. 

We weren't in an FLR at that point, she just knew from our dating and love making that it turned me on.

Here are  a few marriage images which caught my eye when I came home and searched for topics on weddings.

The bridesmaid was stealing the show

 The bridesmaid spiced up the wedding

Getting in position to thank the best-manThe bride starting as she means to go on perhaps?

No mistaking her desires here.

Image result for book cover the mistress manualA thoughtful friend might have gifted this 
to the happy couple

So that when they arrived back from their honeymoon, things were slightly different.

Image result for otto spanking

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