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Monday, 4 January 2016

Starting 2016

The party is nearly over.

New Year’s Day was quiet, as it usually is. 

In the morning I did chores whilst my wife had a well deserved sleep- in and then we went out to a friend’s house for drinks and nibbles. 

The whole friends thing is getting strange now as our parents are dying off and we are becoming the oldies. There is no-one ahead of us in the queue of life. The children are hardly young any more but at drinks parties there are always some  teenagers and even the occasional toddler, which have come  along in a second marriage. 

I don’t know how those guys find the money or the energy to do the whole thing twice over.  The younger wives often look a bit bored and out of place.

I chatted to a new couple in the village. These newbies people always get pounced upon as they bring a feeling of vitality into the generally static assemblies. In this case they were both in their forties. They may have had children. It wasn’t mentioned. 

At one point the man got taken away to talk golf clubs  or something, so I stayed chatting with the woman and even went off to get her another drink. She was attractive and bright so you can guess that it wasn’t long before S my wife sidled over to join us and introduce herself.

Disappointed in the way things had turned out I excused myself and went off to the kitchen to seek out other female company of my own age.  Instead I found a group of guys, beers in hand, talking about sport which I am not that interested in. They would have been surprised to find out I was wearing a girdle and thong panties under my trousers. 

This had been my wife’s idea as a reward for doing chores earlier in the day and because she wanted me to look slimmer at the party. My New Year’s resolutions would start on the 2nd of January and would involve some serious weight loss and temperance.
My wife had told me at New Year, after the painful ball smacking and leg spanking, that there would be no more spankings of any sort until I have lost 30 pounds in weight. This seems a quite ridiculous target but it’s what is needed apparently.

So the sexy feeling of feminine underwear on New Year’s Day was my last treat. As I stood there listening to the guys drone on about football I had a little fantasy where that new woman I had just met who was brought around to the house after the party and she and my wife revealed my bare cheeks below the girdle and caned me hard for drinking too much white wine. It passed the time. Then the whole dynamic of the kitchen changed when some women came in to fetch more food from the oven.

I enjoyed a bit of flirting with the ones I knew well, complimenting them on their dresses or how well they looked.

Back home I took a chance and asked my wife if we could play. She said no, the regime had started so I went off in a disconsolate mood to finish the laundry and ironing. 

I washed out the girdle and panties and my wife's nice underwear from the other night by hand in special soap. Later that night in bed S produced a notebook and pencil. She was going to keep a log of my behaviour and consult it once I had lost weight.

She told me she would be writing up six strokes of the cane for chatting up that new younger woman. I got an immediate erection as I lay there close to S but there was nothing to be done with it.

If there are no spankings in January or even February to write about in this blog you will know I am struggling to lose the weight. I will try and finish some fiction stories instead.

It won't be long until our anniversary but I doubt I will have lost enough weight by then to earn my strokes.


  1. It's a good job your wife didn't know about your little fantasy.


    1. This is very true. Wonder what hers are about?


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