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Saturday, 2 January 2016

I arrived  home about noon on New Year’s Eve. I found my wife in the study area frowning over her laptop.

I kissed her on the cheek but she hardly looked up.

“This bill is way too high this month,” she said.

I asked her what bill she was looking at?

“Your mobile phone up to the 23rd of this month,” she said crossly.

“Well don’t forget I was travelling, so a lot of that I can claim as an expense.”

“I suppose so, but we do need to cut down on our running costs.”

Confident Feminine Authority“I know,” I said. “I will make it a New Year Resolution.”

She carried on looking at the bill. “I thought you were driving back from Surrey on the Tuesday before Christmas, the 22nd?”

I agreed with her that that was true.

“So what’s this telephone charge of fifteen minutes if you were in the car?”

I did a quick calculation in my head. “I must have pulled over I guess.”

“On the M25, hmm..?  Which service station would that have been then? Did you get a coffee? Where’s the receipt for your travel expenses?”

I was trapped. If I continued to lie it would just get worse.

“OK, OK.”  I said. “I was using the phone and driving, but it was hands-free.”  I was on sticky ground.

She turned to stare at me. “You know that’s rubbish. The courts have said loads about hands-free calling still being an offence if you are in an accident.”

“Alright. Don’t go on about it.”

“No, I will go on about it. Imagine if you had caused someone to be injured or worse over Christmas.”

I am sorry. I won’t do it again.

“No you won’t and I am going to make sure of that once and for all.”

She stood up and too a flat spatula from the utensil holder.

“Drop your trousers, in fact take them off.”
I struggled out of the shoes and trousers and stood there waiting. I figured it wasn’t going to be much of a spanking with what in effect was a wooden spoon with holes in it, but I should have known better.

S pointed at the kitchen counter. “Stand with your bottom against that facing me.”

I slid into position with my back against the worktop.

“Put your hands behind you and hold onto the edge of the work surface. Now open your legs wide.”

She came over and tied my shirt into a knot so that my crotch was exposed. I still had my pants on but that were not going to offer any protection. I had a dread feeling about what was about to happen and I had no erection, despite her cool hands touching my skin whist she tied the shirt around my stomach.

Waving the spatula at me she lectured me about the mobile phone and then spanked the spatula on the underside of my balls, in the tight elastic of my pants.

The pain and that hollow feeling in my testicles shot to me head and I had to grip the worktop hard, in order not to move.

Before I had caught my breath she smacked my balls again.

“Don’t, smack, use, smack, the phone, smack, when you are driving. Smack. Understood?”

I could barely speak. The pain was intense.

“Yes, ma’am. I understand.”

“Good so we will give it one more go, only now you will tell me what you will do.

She held the spatula against my pants as I started to repeat her words and I paused between them.
“I ,” , the smack came fast, “will not”, another mind blowing smack, “use” smack, “the phone,” smack, “when I am” smack”, driving.” The last very hard smack lifted me up on my toes and  I creased over with the pain, barely breathing it was so sore.

“Now turn around so I can smack your legs like a naughty boy.”

She put the spatula down and took out the long wooden spoon that I had only recently bought. It was too large for cooking but S took a liking to it for spanking and allowed it to stay in the kitchen

I did as I was told and ten times she spanked the back of my legs.

I actually felt great after that painful session since I knew my wife was very much in charge.

We had a great New Year and I smothered her pussie in kisses when we got home. She wore some fancy pants and hold up stockings so I was in heaven.

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