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Friday, 1 January 2016

Distracted by magazine

In a Sunday newspaper magazine this week there was a delightful picture of a naked woman in an Spa hotel in Arizona.

I  read the magazine one evening in bed whilst my wife was in the bathroom. When she came through into the bedroom, my cock was stood out of my pyjamas and in one hand whilst the magazine was in the other. I hadn't meant to be fondling myself, It was done in a distracted fashion.

I whipped my hand away when I saw her, but not fast enough.

She asked me what I was doing and then snatched the magazine out of my hand.

Forcing him to wank

She was not best pleased  and I was sent for the bath-brush.

I was made to bend over the bed with the pyjama bottoms down and then she placed the magazine on the bed covers, open on the travel page, in front of my eyes.

I had to ask for each stroke and say in a loud voice "I must not look at naked women and wank " each time the brush smacked across my bottom.

It was one hard beating and I was not sorry when it was over.
Ritual discipline.

I suggested going down on her to make amends, but she told me she did not want to come whilst I had the image of another woman in my head. She fell asleep grumpily, with her body turned away from me.

I slid under the covers and advanced one hand over her nightgown to her crotch but she pushed it away.


What a gift!
Maybe I can pleasure her another day when my naughty behaviour is forgotten.


  1. you probably need to offer another confession, a paddle and your bare butt to clear things up.


    1. That could well be on the cards. HYN.


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