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Monday, 29 September 2014

No rest on Sunday

"You were quite welled behaved last night.”

My wife turned to me in bed this morning and rummaged with my kit under the bedclothes. “So as a treat you can wear some nice panties whilst you clean this morning.”
I kissed her on the cheek and thanked her for her thoughtfulness.

I set off  to make her a coffee and then showered and took a pair of black tummy control pants from the back of my drawer. I put on a T shirt and was headed off to make breakfast when my wife called me back to the bedroom.

“Get the bath-brush and lie over my knees.”

When I was in position she paddled me hard for 60 seconds. She made me look at my watch to mark time. If you have never had a rapid fire one minute spanking you have no idea how long 60 seconds can be and how many whacks can be delivered in that tine.

I was struggling to take the pain by the time she had finished but managed to lied there with full acceptance of her authority over me.

When I got to my feet she told me not to rub my bottom and to get on with breakfast. “You are too tubby,” she said. “So you will have nothing to eat this morning but you can serve me in a grand style.”

When she had retired to the sitting room to enjoy her coffee and the papers, after finishing breakfast, I got on with tidying up and then started my routine of bathroom cleaning and vacuuming. She called for more coffee twice and on the last occasion she told me that I was going to be busy that day. She planned on buying some bulbs at the Garden Centre and I was to get them all planted that afternoon . Because the weather was warm she said I should work in shorts at the front of the house.

“That evening,” she went on, “I could sort out her knicker  and bra drawer.” They were very untidy and she wanted to get of some old stuff. Whilst she was watching TV I was to put everything out on the bed and she would come and decide on the unwanted pieces. I could then put the rest away neatly.

So my day flew by. I made a lunch for my wife to enjoy on the terrace and was told again that I could not eat. Finally at around 7pm we went for a pub meal and she let me have only salad and soup. “It’s time we tackled that weight of yours properly,” she said.

Back home when she settled down to watch her programme and I busied myself with her underwear. She was pleased with the result. I had to call her up to choose what she was throwing away and then whilst she showered I made a nice job of arranging the panties into colours and styles.

Finally I was ready to stop my chores and when she appeared in her negligee from the bathroom I knew that I would have one extra task to perform before I could climb into bed. She lay on the bed and called for her vibrator, so it wasn’t going to be she had in mind for her orgasms, rather her trusted friend. As I went off to hand-wash her panties and the ones she had been wearing all day. I could hear the buzzing under the bed sheets and I turned to watch her face, eyes closed, and features scrunched up with pleasure.

If it wasn't for our usefulness for chores and fixing cars I think women would phase out men..


  1. You were a busy boy Did you get the planting done as well?


    1. Yes 50 bulbs and 50 more to go. Thanks for passing by.


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