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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I was just a little bit naughty last night. We were sitting on pavement chairs in a Spanish Tapas bar and I was casting glances along the road at a group of young women who were walking up and down searching for the best (or maybe cheapest) place to eat.

They were not wearing a lot of clothes and one was drop dead gorgeous with long dark hair and high shorts.

I spent too long looking at them and my wife tartly suggested that I should leave her and go across and join them if I wanted.

I said I was sorry and turned my full attention back to her.

When we arrived back at the rented house my wife suggested that I start a holiday demerit list and put 10 strokes on it for my oogling at girls earlier on.

We had a good time in bed.

I will hunt around to find a suitable instrument for her to use today.


  1. you have a rented house and you didn't bring any implements of correction? That should add at least 20 more. When we travel I'm required to bring at least 3 implements and in some cases she will tell me what she feels might be required during our trip.

  2. you need a spanking right now for ogling young ladies Geez, at least look at women your age and ogle them. Of course, most of the women around my age are fairly large women and could probably deliver a good spanking, at least my fantasies think so.


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