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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Beach day

I am always awake early on holiday and I enjoy being by myself with a coffee and doing my emails on the terrace of this rental house. I slip out of bed and leave my wife to sleep for another couple of hours. 

The owners of this place have installed a great satellite wi-fi service with the help of some UK teccie who lives nearby. There is a small charge on top of the rental but it is worth it. I get to do work related e mails at this time of day plus a little bit of blogging. Then I go to the town for bread and 
other essentials and cook breakfast.

We saw friends yesterday, who live permanently on the coast, and had a late lunch n a fish restaurant on the beach. I was doing the driving for everyone so I had to watch the three of them getting  stuck into the Sangria and beer.

The views out to sea were nice.

And just occasionally, the beach ready girls came up to the boardwalk to stand under a shower and get all that nasty sand off their bodies.

“ Bright and Early!
”We went back to our friends house for a swim in their pool and then drove home. I cooked supper whilst my wife showered and read a book. When I went into the bedroom she was lying naked on the bed holding the novel above her head. I told her she looked terrific and she thanked me. I asked if I could go down on her and she accepted my offer. I asked if I could lie over her legs for a spanking first and she agreed to that as well, saying I should get the hairbrush. . I stripped off my shorts, went to the bathroom for the brush and stretched out over cool legs. 

The spanking was delicious. My wife took her time with it and I was spanked from thigh level to the top of my cheeks. There was no conversation, just spank after spank after spank. I wanted to lie there all night.

Once she was finished I settled down to give her the longest possible performance of cunnilingus.

We ate supper on the terrace watching the sun go down and I ended up swimming in the small pool with nothing on.

Great day.

(Acknowledgements to Otto)


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