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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sunny day

Only a few more days left on the holiday, so we are making the most of it. We went into town yesterday to stock up on food. My wife wanted some time in a pharmacy so I went into a local hardware store to buy a set of drinking glasses. We had broken one and I wanted to show willing by leaving some inexpensive replacements in the rental property.

Product Details
The hardware store had a cornucopia of household items, tools and garden stuff. They had bamboo canes and coils of black irrigation tube. In the back of the shop there was a rack of olive wood kitchen utensils.

It did not take me long to purchase three garden canes, a 3m length of 25mm plastic irrigation tube and a long wooden spoon and a set of 6 glasses. 

I placed all these items in the boot of the car, right at the back behind the shopping bags,  and then set off for the cafe bar where I had agreed to meet my wife. I felt a stir in my pants when I thought about the punishment session which might ensue before then end of the holiday now that I had some suitable instruments. I also thought I might find a place in the garage storeroom to maybe hide stuff away for our next visit and I could take the wooden spoon home as a memento . 

When we got home I offered to empty the car of our shopping and secreted the spanking items as I did so.

We spent the afternoon lounging around the pool and later that afternoon had some afternoon delight. My wife had one or two glasses of wine over lunch so she was up for some fun. She accepted my desire to kiss her cunt and her anal ring so I spent a long time down there.

Se laisser glisser sur tes ondesAfterwards she let me wank whilst watching her finger herself to yet more orgasms. She smacked my bottom whilst I stood by the side of the bed and warned me to add ten more demerits to the list for being such a naughty boy.

Holidays are the best.

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