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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Birthday spanklet

Sandra was busy helping Mary get ready for the Birthday party . A  21st birthday party  is a special affair and they both wanted to look their best. Mary was intending to stay over at Sandra's once the festivities were over.

“ Julie Delcourt
Love Julie Delacourts drawings.

When Mary leaned over the dressing table to pick up the mascara she had dropped, Sandra took her chance.

Time for your birthday spanking I think . The first of many, maybe?

After 21 very hard spanks, plus 1 for luck,  Mary had the loveliest pink cheeks. Sandra knelt behind and gave the peachy bottom two loving kisses.

The next morning Mary found herself alone in Sandra's bedroom and picked up the hairbrush from the dresser. Pulling down her panties and turning to see the reflection of her bottom in the mirror she spanked herself hard, relishing each painful smack.
Self spanking admiring her handiwork
Art by Julie Delacort

The bedroom door opened and Sandra's mother walked in.

I can help with that, my dear. It will be a pleasure.

The squeals from Mary were proof positive that Sandra's mother knew what she was doing with a hairbrush.


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