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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Starting a married life together

The wedding we went to this last weekend was a big success. The number of guests was not  large and we alll stayed at the same small country park hotel. 

In fact there was no guest staying at the hotel who was not at the wedding, so at 3 pm they closed the spa to be "women only" so the  bride and bridesmaids could have their make up done without prying male eyes. 

My wife went down to have a massage and sauna that she had pre booked and I was left to take a walk, with strict instructions not to go near the bar. 

The bride and groom had  been married a week ago in a civil ceremony, with just two friends present, so the hotel ceremeny at 6 o'clock was a "blessing only" by a local preacher which lasted 30 minutes and then it was party time. 

This has to be one of the best weddings we had been to in years; there was no standing around with long photo sessions, just a speedy hurrah for the happy couple with champagne and then into dinner. 

There were some good speeches including one from the chief bridesmaid which was the funniest of them all. Then dancing and drinking until the early hours of the morning.

We were too tired for sex before bed but the next morning before breakfast my wife took me into the bathroom and lowerd my pants to spank me hard with her hairbrush. I had brought along the nylon cane as instructed the previous week, but she told me that my official punishment would have to wait until we got home.

We went down to have breakfast, me feeling good with a well spanked bottom, and spent some time chatting with friends. At one point my wife disappeared and then she told me that she had negotiated a late check out rate  with the desk, so we were going to stay on a bit longer . It turned out one of her friends had suggested this and  it also transpired that S had booked herself a manicure and pedicure at the spa at a discount for later on.

We didn't see the bride and groom until they appeared at about 11 oclock all ready to drive to the airport for their honeymoon. There was a lot of kissing and hugging and happy shouting as they drove off in a decorated car and then most of the guests dispersed to pack and go home.

We went for a stroll  and had a bar lunch. Then my wife suggested that we go upstairs for an hour or so before her spa appointment and watch some tennis at the French open on the internet. 

As we lay on the bed watching the TV, my wife noticed that I was stiff and I had to admit that the tennis knickers of the Spanish girl were the cause. I was told to add another 6 strokes to the penalty punishment I would be receiving that night at home and then she switched off the remote and suggested that if I was feeling that excited I should get my head down and service her. 

We discarded our clothes except for pants and I got to work on her pussy after peeling her knickers over her thighs. Since we were practically lying "toe to head" I had my butt towards her, kneeling with my bottom raised, and she began to torture tease me, whilst I was busy on her cunt, by slapping my balls with the palm of her hand and digging her nails into my scrotum. I was murmering for more.and I gave her everything I could with my tongue and mouth to encourage her not to stop the slapping and squeezing betweenn my legs. The pain she inflicted was both agony and ecstsy all wrapped up in one. When she tapped me on the head with her finger to indicate a sufficiency of orgasms I got up from  the bed and did the typically English thing of making a cup of tea.

Whilst she went off to the spa I made a decent job of packing and tried out the whippy cane on my bottom a few times. I was keenly anticipating the caning when we got home. and my wife did not disappoint me.

“I assume that the caning by this beautiful Mistress must be severe.
” Once we had driven home I took forty strokes bent over the blanket chest in the bedroom and she made me count and ask for each one. 

She surprised me later in bed by telling me that she had taken me up on my suggestion of a present and had left an anonymous  wrapped box containing a nylon paddle hairbrush at the Hotel desk reception with the bride and groom's name on it. She had put in a card with a typed note "To keep hubby in line." 

She laughed as she wondered if it had been taken on the honeymoon or kept with the other presents to be taken home by her Mother.
She can do without the dress
A great weekend on all counts and I hope their honeymoon is a lot of fun.

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