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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Pushing back not recommended

Every once in a while I am foolish enough to push back on submission. Some little thing might suddenly become a line of resistance. This happened on Sunday morning when I was asked to do something that I should have done a few days ago. My rejoinder of "I'll get round to it when I am ready" was met with a glare that would have frozen a polar bear.

My wife spun me round against the kitchen counter and took the extra large wooden spoon from the utensil jar. This spoon is meant for jam making which we don't do so its sole use is spanking.

In seconds she had my bottom blazing and this was over trousers. She stopped and undid my belt in a hurry letting the trousers fall to the floor.

The spanking continued over my pants and it was not long before I was jumping about and asking her to stop.

4936bdfa57c7c197d222041cd940b849.jpg (236×314)I, spank, will, spank, when , spank , I, spank , am, spank, ready, spank!

These were hard whacks given slowly on the backs of my legs.

She did not let up spanking my bottom for a long, long time and there were tears in my eyes when she did.

I learned my lesson and normal submission was resumed.

Hey ho.


  1. it is clear that you wife doesn't take any shit from you and deals with you as she should when needed.


    1. This is true, now that we are in the regime once again. Thanks

  2. I remember everyone of those on the spot spankings and why I got them. I think they are so powerful because the consequence ( the spanking) is tied directly to the behavior that triggered it.On the spot spankings are not always practical but wow are they effective in adjusting an attitude or altering a behavior


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