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Saturday, 25 July 2015

No visit to the country.

Well yesterday was a wash out in our part of the UK. It rained and rained. We had taken the day off to go into the country for a meal and a walk but when we saw the weather forecast we both decided to make it a work day and save the day for alter.

I finished at around  4 p.m. and came home to get on with some chores to lighten the load over the weekend. I sent a text to my wife S offering her a bath and a foot-spa for when she came home. She accepted immediately.

Whilst she luxuriated in soap and suds I cooked a meal and then went upstairs to wash an scrub her feet as she sat in a dressing gown in the bedroom chair. After spending an age creaming and massaging her feet and ankles I painted her nails whilst she read a magazine.
At the end S complimented me on my work and then undid the belt and opened her dressing gown.
showgreetingcardpreview.php (700×500)

The invitation was self explanatory so I knelt and did her bidding with my tongue whilst she wrapped her thighs and legs around my head and shoulders. In my mind  I projected a fantasy onto he, as I worked away on her lips.

cuckold-husband-cunnilingus-slave_femdom.jpg (450×358)

She enjoyed the experience but said she couldn't come in that position so we would leave it until later.

Instead she told me to get the long cane and get back in position so that she could whip me.

The stokes were overhead ones and quite stingy as they criss crossed the very top of my bottom. S was having to lean forward to make the strokes so she asked me get a pillow to support her back. 

Once she was comfortable she said me she could go on for ages in that position and so she did. I loved every minute of the stinging cane and submissive position.

After dinner we watched some TV and then retired to the bed where I was able to satisfy her more successfully.

So the day turned out better than we both thought it would.

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