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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Muff fashion

Because it is summer and swimsuit time there has been a bit of talk in the women's magazines about them  perhaps giving up on Brazilian trimming and going back to furry. 

I remember bushy V's from my early dating days. They did not preoccupy me then because they were just something to get past in search of the hidden prize. 

I do, however, prefer a trimmed and nearly  bare spot now. I enjoy spending a lot of time down there and a hairy lady garden would irritate me. My preference coincides with what my wife is pleased to do for herself and that's a little wisp of bush.

It will not  matter a lot to me what the fashion gurus dictate about "to trim or not to trim" becomes because I won't be kissing anyone else down there anytime soon.

Personally I think trimming will continue into the future.

My wife told to me to shave and stay shaved quite a few years ago and that makes wearing panties more exciting for me.  

Pubic hair does not get in the way when she "prick whips" me either.  I love the lash of the leather thongs down that bare flesh between my leg and my scrotum. 

The shaved genitals can give rise to some stares in the changing rooms at the pool or sports club  so I tend to cover myself with a towel or face the wall when showering most of the time.

 I recall the interested look I got from a nurse when I had a groin inserted angiogram. She had come ready to shave me only to find I was all ready to go. I did stiffen a little when she moved my penis to one side to insert the tube but I thought of the cold dark stormy sea and it went away. 

The week is going by quickly and the weather is a little more like summer here in the UK.
 I hope all the naughty naturists are having fun in the sun.

h&enaturisthealthandefficiencynaturist-10-2009-62.jpg (500×708)
I can remember all the airbrushing that went on in this magazine in he mid to late sixties. It was my best companion at about 12 ears of age along the catalogues of lingerie. Then Mayfair and Penthouse came into view at the barbers and I was off. Both of these mags had full muff shots and even better they had letters about spanking. Happy days.

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