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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Weekend of waiting

I had thought that 8/8 would be a great day but you know how things are sometimes. Things never turn out as you might wish.

 It was  Saturday and there was too much running around to do during the day to allow time for afternoon delights. |In the evening we met with friends and by the time we were home my wife was already expressing a feeling of tiredness, which I knew to be the signal for " not tonight".

So when Sunday dawned I made a special effort. Coffee in bed, breakfast with pancakes, everything just right for my Mistress. I cleaned the bathrooms, fixed a few undone jobs and all the while imagined that we might get together in bed for a while to allow me to honour my Mistress and spend time with my tongue in her pussy. 

By the time evening came around I was agitated that nothing had been suggested. I knew full well that I had to wait for a signal and it was not until we had switched off the TV that my wife announced she would spend time with her vibrator alone. I was told to sleep in the guest room.

She patted my cheek and smiled at me."You just have to learn to be obedient don't you."

She is right. I have a lot to be thankful for and I must be more accepting of my submission.

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  1. I thinks it great to left guessing when I might get something I'm looking forward to.

    It sounds like she pushed your submission button a bit with putting you off a second time with sending you to the guest room while she took care of herself without you.

    My Mistress gets annoyed if I pester her for play time too much, and will impose some type of pleasure denial on me if I don't heed her when she points out that I'm doing it. She likes to mess with my head as well, by keeping me in the dark as to what she has in mind.

    And thank you for sharing on your blog!


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