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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Pantyhose playfulness

Girls in tights being spanked are a particular favourite and I also get a kick out of wearing tights.

It is my birthday soon and when S asked me what I would like, apart from the customary celebratory spanking, I asked if I could wear panties and tights for the day. 

She thought about it and then said yes, provided I shave my legs . She said she doesn't like to see hairs under the nylon, on a man or a woman. 

She also told me it would have to a thong I wear, not panties as she wants the spanking or caning to hurt through the tights.

I rather presumptuously asked  if I could go to a salon for this hair removal but she said that 
SVJ105_WHITE.jpg (200×240)was way too expensive and she would do it herself. 

She has years of experience after all. She has offered to make a game of it this weekend and she will wear something appropriate. 

I hadn't banked on her personal attention  but now I suppose  will have to go through with it.

Hopefully this will bring us closer and make my birthday spanking something special.


Victoria's Secret.jpg (620×336)

This last image has nothing to do with the post, but it is rather nice.

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  1. Sounds like a nice birthday. I had mine a couple days ago and it sucked big time. I didn't get a single gift, and even my mother forgot it.


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