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Sunday, 9 August 2015

A few thoughts to while away the time.

Whilst researching images for figure 8 bottoms  for Int Spanking Day I found some inspiring bottoms. 

"There is only way to get into the rowing club. You must reach high levels of  fitness and self-discipline.
You are fortunate that I can help you with both."

"Stay where you are Missy. His Lordship will be here soon. He is not best pleased about you breaking that Japanese vase."

The noise of the car on the drive surprised her. He was home too early and she wasn't quite ready. She had planned to greet him naked under a fur coat at the front door, so as to distract him from the damage to side of her car. He was bound to see it now 

"Put the riding crop on the bed and bend over the chair. I will deal with you when I am dressed."

"So do you want to fuck it or spank it?"

Wanted:  A Sugar Daddy with the means to unlock my charms.


  1. The first image has been a fav of mine for a long time.

    1. Hi OBB
      That's good. It was new to me

  2. very nice assortment of female bottoms.


    1. Hi Bax, hope they perked up your day.


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