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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sometimes you just need it.

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Sometimes you just want a spanking.

There is no way round it. You want to be bent over and  have your bottom spanked hard  you just have to ask for it. This is what I did last Sunday and I was told to find the bath-brush and the cane and  be in the bedroom at 6pm and to wait.

I finished my jobs at around 5.30 and went to shower. I pulled out the cane from the chest and the brush from the shower and put myself in the corner a few minutes before 6.
I had my hands on my head and my eyes closed and listened to my wife moving around the room. Suddenly I felt her hands around my cock and her hips pushed up against my cheeks. I could tell she was just in underwear and I stiffened under her tight grip.

So you've been naughty, she whispered in my ear.

Yes ma'am, I croaked pushing back into her legs by bending my own.

I'm going to be very hard on you  since you've been a bad boy and bad boys get spanked?

I was wondering if she had been reading about D/s in the Mistress Manual I had bought her last year. I had never seen it since and didn't know if she had kept it. I was not about to ask this, when she was pulling me by the ear into the middle of the room.

Yes ma'am .

Bend over and touch your toes.

I got into position. She pushed me further over.

Cane first and then the brush. You said before that was the hard way so let's try it. Count the strokes and thank me.

With no further comment she caned  me very efficiently and I counted, One thank you ma'am, two thank you ma'am, all the way to eight when my brain was in such a spin I forgot where I was. Nine ma'am thank you ma'am.

No, that was eight. So I will add two strokes to what I was thinking of giving you.

I took the thrashing and passed from pain to pleasure at about stroke twelve. Counting always makes it harder to get into sub-space because I have to concentrate on the action not the resulting endorphin thrill.

At fourteen she caught me under my bottom and I yelped. At eighteen I was willing her to stop but she carried on until twenty six. I very nearly lost my count again at twenty and I was perspiring down my back with the effort of keeping the position and absorbing the pain.

Pull out the blanket chest and get across it.

Do you mean along it or over?

Along. I want to sit on the bed.

I made a space of about a foot between the end of the bed and the edge of the blanket chest.

Get the rope.

Unlike the instruments, which are in a locked box on the landing, we keep some sex  toy stuff like blindfolds, vibrators and silk rope in a drawer in the bedroom. I felt the weals in my bottom start to throb as I walked across the room. Any sign of an erection had gone.

I handed my wife the rope and stretched out along the cushion on the blanket chest. I was in two minds about where my request for a spanking was going but it was too late now.

There was no going back.

Coming round to my head S knelt down and tied my wrists together and then looped the end of the rope behind the small legs of the chest. 

Slide backwards.

I wriggled back until my hips were at the far end the chest. Open your legs on either side.
I stretched my legs wide and down until my toes were touching the ground.

Perfect, she said approving of her own handiwork. Now I 'll just push this lot out of the way..

She reached a hand between my legs and squeezed my balls and penis up and underneath my groin.

Don't want to hit those do we?

No ma'am.

I was exposed, restrained and ready  and my wife got started. She sat on the end of the bed her legs to one side and the wooden bath brush was the perfect length for to reach both cheeks without stretching. The spanking began lightly at first but the flat swats over the cane weals were very stingy. I concentrated on the image I must be presenting, my bare bottom raised for a serious spanking and I  imagined a naughty boy scenario of someone being spanked by his aunt. As the brush started to hit more seriously I shuffled around, only to be told to keep still. The position I had been put in meant that every inch of my bottom was in plain sight and S placed the strokes inside my thighs and up and down my cheeks. 

The swats became harder and I mean very hard.

You're getting some nice white spots, she said. Let's keep going.

Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am.

Eventually after many tens of spanks  I cracked and asked her to stop. 

In a minute naughty boy, you asked for this,so the least you can do is let me enjoy myself.

The spanking speeded up and she hit my thighs, the crease of my bottom and the crown. I felt the tears welling in my eyes and started to beg her to stop and that I was sorry, very sorry for being naughty.

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That made no difference and she carried on and to be honest I was grateful for that. I have not had such a hard time in a long while.

When it was over and I was released she turned me over and tried to straddle me but teh erection would not come. She tried everything including stripping but all my thoughts were on my wonderfully sore bottom and not in my penis. After a while she gave up and climbed on to the bed with  her vibrator.

At least something gets stiff around here, she laughed. I hope you had a good time?

Yes ma'am. very good thank you. I am sorry I can't perform.

I lay back and listened to the quiet humming of the dildo and then the not so quiet squeals of pleasure.

After she had rested awhile I made myself useful.

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 A great way to spend an evening.


  1. woohoo, I asked for a paddling yesterday, but 18 with a wood paddle was more than enough for me. You are in another class.

    1. Hi OBB great to hear from you. Guess I just love the smarts. Have a good weekend. We have a Bank holiday on Monday, a public holiday . Bit strange but there you go it's England.

  2. I have asked for spankings and always rewarded with a hot red bottom by my wife.



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