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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sunday spanklet - virtual spanking

09_03_skype_opt.jpg (428×350)
Michael waited as the Skype connection was made. 

Sarah's hotel room came into view and then Sarah herself appeared on the screen. 

She was lying on her tummy across the bed and Michael could just make out the top strap of her bra and the curve of elastic of her pants on the edge of her thigh. It was obviously warm in Dubai, for her to be just barely dressed.

Michael was sat at the dressing table in their London house. His clothing was  more appropriate for  the chilly weather.

Hello darling. Hows it going? Sarah's voice was distant but clear enough over the laptop speakers

Oh you know, not bad. How about you?

Great. The contract is nearly signed and I may be home for the weekend, Just in time for my birthday. I hope you've bought me something nice.

 We've all missed you. Michael swung the laptop camera round to show Charley the cat comfortable on the bed cover.

He looks as though he's been busy.

Oh yes- his usual self, all action cat.

Have you been a good boy?

You mean Charley or me?

You, silly.

Well, you know, as  good as I can be when you're not here.

Take Charley out now will you? He's too young to watch. And come back the big wooden paddle while you're at it. The round shiny one with the hole.

When Michael returned he saw that Sarah had rearranged herself. The screen now showed her propped up against pillows with a headset microphone on. She was flicking through a magazine. The lap top must have been perched on another  pillow by her side because the  camera was high enough to show her breasts and shoulders as well as her face. 

He approached the camera and said, Hello I'm back.

When she heard his voice Sarah looked at the screen. God its hot here, she said. I just had to take off everything. With one hand she pivoted the laptop to show her bare hips and the fringe of hair on her pubes where her legs ran away down the bed.

Storytime? she asked with a sweet smile on her face, after she had swung the laptop back again.

Yes please. Michael replied with a slight croak in his voice. He was already aroused.

Well let me get me in the mood first. Put some music on at your end and turn it up.

He watched as her hand slid down stopping briefly on one breast and then continuing its journey out of sight towards her waist. Sarah's arm began to move up and down, almost imperceptibly.

Going over to the music player Michael selected a track he knew would please her.

woman-sexy-orgasm-bed-nude-.jpg (640×351)
When  Je t'aime started to play  he was already back in front of the screen.

Good choice. Now give me a slow strip.

He was no dancer but Michael swayed and moved as he slowly undid the shirt buttons. Sarah laughed as he dramatically threw off the shirt in the stripper style.

Then he bent to hurriedly get rid of his shoes and socks and stood again to reveal himself from the waist down. He slid the belt out slowly and then opened his trousers to show his bulging cock constrained in his pants. 

He removed the trousers and turned so that his bottom was on screen. Twitching his butt muscles once or twice and making Sarah laugh in the process he inched down his pants over his bare bottom. Turning to one side he gave her a full  view of a rampant and waving prick.

Very nice now stay right there

Michael listened to the music as watched over his shoulder whilst Sarah worked her arm more vigorously. Her eyelids were scrunched closed and her mouth was in a O shape as her breathing became deeper and her bosom rose and fell with effort.

 As she started to moan the tune stopped so he quickly moved to restart it and went back to the lap top. His hand slid down to his cock.

I can see you. Leave it alone. Don't distract me. Sarah gave short rapid instructions in between her breaths.

Just as the sultry music reached a high point a second time he watched Sarah shudder and groan and then shudder once more as her torso arched with pleasure.

God I needed that, she laughed as her eyes opened fully and she turned to look at him. Just as Michael was about to say something her she held up one hand to stop him.

Wait, wait. There's more.Her arm pumped as he rubbed herself once more. God, yes, yes, she squealed as a second orgasm overtook her.

Sarah fell back crumpled against the pillow. Oh my god that was good.

Right, she said after a few moments 

Enough about me . Story time. Get that paddle. How about the Deputy headmistress. Lets see now. There was another pause.

Assuming a new persona Sarah flicked off her web cam. She could still see Michael of course, but she was now just a stern voice to him.

Michael, this is the second time in a month you are here. What have you got to say for yourself.

There was silennce from Michael.

Nothing hey? Well I have plenty to say. I have a report here that you brought the school into disrepute with loutish behaviour on the bus last Tuesday. Is that correct?

Michael mumbled that he probably had.

So I can either send you to the headmaster or deal with you myself. Which is it to be?

I will take  your punishment, Miss Stevens. Michael used Sarah's maiden name to add more effect in the play.

His  hand had strayed to rub his stiffening cock, forgetting  for a moment that he could still be seen, even though the pc screen was inky black at his end.

Leave that alone . The tone and sharpness of Sarah's command jerked him up straight.

I'm going to paddle you  so you can count yourself lucky you're not in front of the Head. I will now count out the strokes young man. Are you ready?

Yes Miss. He held the paddle out to the screen.

One. Michael swung the paddle around his waist and spanked himself hard

Two. He struck again

Three, and once more.

It went on this way withMiss Stevens counting the strokes until he had whacked himself hard twelve times. His butt felt gloriously warm.

You can go now and don't let me see you here again


The screen flickered back to life and when Sarah became visible Michael saw she was lying on front once more and he could see only her face and shoulders.

Turn around and let me see.

Michael spun around.

pantsdown.jpg (500×746)
Mm, nice bottom. A bit pink but I am sure I can do better when I see you. How does it feel?

Nice and tingly thanks.

You can wank then.

Michael turned back to the screen and saw that Sarah had placed a peeled banana in her mouth and was making soft murmuring noises with the O of her lips.

hqdefault.jpg (480×360)

It took him only a few minutes to rub himself to orgasm watching her facial expressions and movements . He caught his spunk in his left hand and stood there awkwardly.

Well go on then . Lick yourself clean, just like your Mistress taught you..

He lifted his hand to his mouth and swallowed the creamy cum. 

Good night, you naughty boy.

The screen zinged off and he stood there, weak-kneed but content.

He couldn't wait for Sarah to get back home and maybe the Deputy Head would deliver a  thrashing with the cane.


  1. Long distance play can be very erotic. I love the way this happened. My wife traveled to visit her family I had to work but the week she was gone I self spanked every night for her. I can't seem to get enough swing and sting with the paddle or brush or wooden spoon but am quite good at using the whip on myself. We don't have lap tops but she can hear the whip on the phone and yes I also masturbate after then consume it for her. Then hear the wonderful words just you wait until I get home you are going to get a long and hard spanking.

  2. self spanking can be fun when the wife isnt around to deal with me. I have given myself some really hard spankings and enjoy wacking off after.


    1. Hello Bax
      A wank after a self spank can be satisfying.


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