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Monday, 20 May 2013

Little or no progress.

Well, the weight reduction plan is off to a slow start.

Thanks to Ronnie for suggestions on a  plan and to others for their general encouragement.

After last Wednesday's weigh-in there was little or no improvement by Saturday so my wife marked me down for six strokes of the cane at some future date.

 I have to take a chart to the weight checks where progress, good or bad is recorded.

I skipped a meal  yesterday and did some swimming..

There was a delightful young woman walking around the pool wearing the smallest of bikinis, so that provided a pleasant distraction whilst I exercised..

Later in the evening I ate slowly as I have been told that aids the diet.


  1. Nice pic, where's it from?

  2. Good luck Michael. Swimming sure burns calories!!! And nice scenery whilst you burn is always a feature!!!

    That pic is, um, awe inspiring!!

    Good luck,

  3. I'd recommend not skipping meals... oh, and eat very slowly ;)

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