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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Different whips

You just never know where the internet will take you.

I, for one, had never heard that someone made riding whips  using the wood of the Hackberry tree.

I was looking at Amandine's blog  where she was describing luxury whips. 

From there I found myself at the  French manufacturer's web site of these rather nice looking riding whips.

There is more general information about the French company that makes these at  Esat les micocouliers 

They look like seriously well made crops and  I should love to be on the receiving end one of these.

Maybe with this lady wielding the whip whilst I am bent over in the stable.


  1. Michael,

    The lady in the photo could use any implement she wanted on me.


  2. I actually have been on the receiving end of one of these and believe me: they DO hurt like hell, just as much as a cane!


  3. Please tell us the web address for Amandine's blog. Thanks.


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