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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New instructions

There has been no spanking in our house for more than a week now, since the "Owning up" thrashing of the previous weekend.

There have been plenty of admonishments and stern looks in the last few days, but no caning or paddling. My head is spinning with the need for some submission and pain but I will just have to wait. 

Yesterday there was a discussion about my weight and the fact that I need to trim down.

It was decided that I would go on a strict diet and would be weighed on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A chart is to be drawn up by me and completed by hand after each weigh-in.

There will be cane strokes for weight gain, paddle strokes for no change in weight and the leather strap for weight loss.

Cane strokes will be added up and delivered at the end of the month, as will the paddle strokes. Because the leather strap is something I enjoy (it is a London Tanner strap) then these will be reward strokes and will be given at each weight check. 

I am to bring the strap with me and present myself wearing just my thong pants. 

There is no tariff on the strapping. My wife has said she will give me what she wants to give me at the time.

On the cane and paddle strokes she will decide on the number of strokes at the weigh-in and I will have to enter them on the chart.

These will be the only spankings I can expect as a routine for the immediate future. Any other behavioural problems will need to be entered into the Punishment book and she said that she may not get round to dealing with that book for some months. It all depends on the progress of my diet.

So here goes - let's see what I can achieve. No drinking alcohol for a while.

I don't imagine this will be the new me, but everyone needs something to aim for.


  1. Michael,

    Good luck with the diet. Maybe you should try the depro diet for a couple of weeks. Good results with weight loss.


    1. Hi
      Depro diet looks a bit odd for blokes so guess it was humorous suggestion. Thanks

    2. No, I was serious. Will email you some info on it.


  2. Good luck Michael. I lost forty pounds some years ago and have kept the weight off.


  3. I lost 20 pounds the last time and we are starting today again :)

    Good luck to you!


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