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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Owning up - Part 1

Riding Crops are a favourite disciplinary tool of my wife. She likes the control and the fact that she can guide the sting to the exact point she wishes to strike. The cane is more difficult for her to handle and quite often she ends up hitting me on one small area time and again, which is neither satisfying nor erotic.

We have a fair few riding crops. 

One is quite long, not quite a dressage whip but getting that way, and it only just fits in the chest of toys on the landing. I think it is called a Polo Whip. I bought it on a whim but it hardly ever comes out the the chest as my wife thinks it is a bit too much to use on me. I have tried self-spanking with it and it produces some lovely marks. You need an outstretched arm and some practice to get the end to land across the bottom. 

Two others are moderately expensive, braided leather and glossy handles with rings on the end. 

One is a just a practical crop used in the horsey world and sold in riding tack shops. I think I paid around £8.00 for it compared to £20 or £30 for the others. It delivers the stingiest stroke. It is quite short but springy and because it looks so ordinary we keep it in the umbrella stand along with assorted walking sticks and the odd golf club and old umbrella.

And the last one is a second hand whip that I picked up in an antique shop a few years ago. It does not get used often as it is quite stiff and thuddy. Very good for role play when my wife is the Mistress of the house and I am the Under-gardener.

We were out in the car headed to the shops yesterday and we came up behind 2 female riders on horseback, in a narrow lane. I was quite happy driving slowly behind them watching some delicious bottom movements in brown and blue jodhpurs.

After 500 yards or so they brought their mounts to a halt at a farm gate which allowed me to pass. The lead rider gave us a cheery wave with a riding crop in her hand and I caught a flash of her muscled thigh in the tight material of the jodhpurs as we passed.

Back home, after I unloaded the shopping and was placing items away in the kitchen cupboards, my wife asked me if I had done anything wrong in the past few days? Maybe something I wanted to get off my chest? This is a catch 22 question which she enjoys springing on me. What does she know and not know?

I opted for innocence and said I couldn’t think of anything.

Quite sure she asked?

Yep, I said in a confident kind of way.

And these? she asked, pulling out of her handbag the pair of panties that I had worn and played  in last Friday

I found these stuffed under the bed last night when I dropped a bracelet. I didn't put them there so I guess it must have been you.

I flushed red with embarrassment

So explain please?

 I gave her the short version, without the fact that I had spent some time on the bed in them.
And the stain on the front?  She held up the pjnk and blue striped knickers, stretching them out so I could see the dry whitish marks.

The game was obviously up, so I told her what had gone on.

Disgusting, she said, and here am I thinking you are working away at the house and job hunting, when all your doing is lying around on your back dressed like a girl. 

Hold these, she said handing me the panties.

She left the room and came back with the small blue crop. Pointing it at my trousers I started to unbuckle them and when she made noises about my shirt and pants I took these off as well.

Now put those knickers over your head. She handed me the scrunched up bundle of cotton with the lacy trim.

I did as I was told. They covered the back of my head and the front panel was over my eyes. i could still see reasonably well through the thin material. I could feel myself stiffen and my penis waved about in an attempt to become erect.

I think those women on the horses today would laugh if they could see you now

I nodded my head in agreement.

Did you think I didn’t notice you ogling their bottoms this morning? That would have been enough for a spanking on its own but this panty and wanking business is too much.

Yes ma’am. Sorry Ma’am.

I think you are only sorry that you were caught out, not that you did it.

No ma’am. I am truly sorry for my bad behaviour.

We'll see.


I was struggling to finish this post, so I thought it best to break it into two parts. More next time.
Hope you all had a good weekend.


  1. I am looking forward to Part two.

    1. Hi Joey. Part 2 is in the oven and cooking.

  2. I like the look of your antique crop. The crop one of my favourite items.


    1. Hi Ronnie
      This was a good purchase but it hardly ever comes out to play.
      Riding crops enhance the submission/ domination play i think in a way that other instruments cannot.
      Time to get yours out to play?

  3. In trouble again eh Michael ? Isn't the English countryside wonderful ? So many wonders to behold.Look forward to part 2.
    Kind regards,


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