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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Quite a weekend

So by Sunday morning I had received a half of the tariff of cane strokes awarded from the Punishment Book account and all of the paddle strokes, or so I figured.

We had to go out to visit friends that day and most of our morning was spent at the supermarket and me cleaning downstairs, whilst she did e mails. Running out of time, we got dressed hurriedly and when my wife enquired about the state of my bottom, I showed it to her.

There are a few marks of the cane  but none of the redness from the paddle. looking at you no-one would even know you had been punished.

I can testify that you have punished me ma'am.

Maybe so, but its disappointing for me. When we get home this afternoon I think I will refresh things. Maybe give you the full cane strokes again, just to see that you are sorted for the week.

Yes m'am. Thank you ma'am - I tried to sound grateful but 80 is quite a lot strokes.

Put your thong panties on. I want you to feel uncomfortable whilst we are out and I need you on your best behaviour. Maybe thinking about what will happen to you later on will focus your mind.

Yes ma'am

She laughed as I struggled to get the panties on - there was hardly any material and I had to wrestle with a semi stiff penis to pull them over my crotch

My wife came up behind me and  cupped the front of the panties tightly in one hand.

Your putting on weight. Not good. Let's go to the scales.

She watched the dial closely - 16 stone 4lbs.

Not good - we need to add weight loss to our list of tasks, starting this evening.

Yes ma'am-I acknowledged. 

I carried on dressing but before we left the bedroom I had decided to confess to an error the previous week.


What ?

I have something else to tell you.

I went on to describe how I had left the back door unlocked for a whole day the previous week because i had not checked thoroughly before leaving the house.
She was not best pleased. 

Imagine if we had been robbed, there would not have been any insurance.

I had nothing else to say so I just stood there.

Well it's good that you finally owned up but it was stupid and stupidity needs to be dealt with. You had better make an entry in the book. It can be the first entry of the new session because we still aren't done with the old entries.

Yes ma'am. 

Get the book then and hurry up. We need to get on our way.

I sped off and scribbled the entry down in the book. I had to come back to her and ask what punishment I should write down.

Twelve , with the cane. That was a serious offence.

A few minutes later we were leaving the house. She looked at me purposefully and I went off to double check that the back door was firmly locked.

The lunch out was good fun. The downside was that I hardky ate or drank anything. Each time I reached over for potatoes or bread I got a look from my wife and a glass of wine was out of the question. Once she caught me adjusting myself with my hand down my pants, trying to free up the tight elastic and she gave me a really hard stare.

Back home my wife  was a little tipsy and she fell asleep on the sofa. At about seven she woke with a start and decided that we had better catch the last of the day by taking a walk. I suggested calling at the pub for a drink and she agreed, but that I could only have one pint. There were a couple of village acquaintances at the bar and we chatted happily for an hour or so.

By the time we had walked home we both agreed that the fresh air had done us good and my wife went upstairs to get changed whilst I made a snack meal. When she came down i was pleasantly surprised - if not stunned. She flashed open her dressing gown to reveal a startling set of bra, pants and stockings.

Interested? - she asked.

Very.- I responded.

Well bad boys have to get get punished first, so I suggest you get down on your knees and show your appreciation, but first get those clothes off and fetch the riding crop.

I rushed to do her bidding and then served her the snack on a tray. Only now she wanted me as the table so I had to go down on all fours in front of her whilst she sat and watched TV, with the tray balanced on my back. This was a new thing - sometimes she surprises me with what she dreams up. I still had my thong panties on and was itching to sort myself out but I couldn't really move in case I upset the tray.

When  she was finished eating I sat at her feet and had my own meal whilst we watched a thriller then it was tome to wash up. Once everything was tidy she lifted the crop from the sofa.

Time to thrash you I think.

Yes ma'am. 

The butterflies raced in my stomach.

She stood up and slowly released the dressing gown from her shoulders. She placed the crop between her teeth whilst she undid the robe and handed it to me. She looked fantastic as she stood there swishing the crop up and down and then slapping the tab against the palm of her hand.

We said 80 strokes.

Yes ma'am.

So hurry up then.

I brought a kitchen chair through and bent over the back of it with my hands gripping the seat. My wife took her time and gave me all 80 strokes of the crop in a leisurely fashion.There was no need to take my panties off. they gave no protection but she did keep pulling up the waistband so that the thin strip of material cut deep between my legs. She knows from old times that I get very excited by this.

She made me count in 10's which was easy to do, as although each stroke cut hard they were well spaced apart,so I had no difficulty in breathing and counting at the same time.

As she threw down the crop behind me she waltzed off out of the room.

Don't be long. I'll be waiting.It's my turn now.

I knew she didn't mean her turn for a spanking. That would have been the cream on the cake, but I was happy to perform in the way she meant.

Oh and one more thing. The weight training starts tomorrow in earnest.

Yes ma'am.


  1. Thanks for sharing a good thrashing.


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