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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Leave that mobile phone alone

Image result for man in pantiesI had thought that Sunday might pan out rather nicely but then  I got into trouble and things were a little different to my expectations

The day started off OK and I did my chores and some ironing of the holiday clothes (I still need to write up some nice holiday diary entries on this blog).  I hoped that I might end up in panties getting my balls smacked before sucking my wife.

That was all fine and dandy and when my wife was awake I set off to get some provisions from the supermarket.

On my way my mobile rang and without thinking I picked it up from the passenger seat and answered the call, not really looking at the screen.
Big mistake.
It was my wife.

Oh, she said, are you at the shops?

Er, yes just parked up.

Really what's that humming noise. The engine is running. Are you driving?

I paused for too long.

You are driving you aren’t you?

Yes I guess so. I felt guilty so I added Ma'am to the end of the sentence

Put the phone down now and call me back when you get there.

I finished the drive with my mind in a turmoil. all the nice holiday stuff had dissipated in one silly act of stupidity. My wife has a mania about using the phone whilst driving.

I rang her from the entrance to the supermarket and in a non-nonsense tone of voice she told me of a few additional things she wanted.

Do not forget them she said. You are in enough trouble already.

I went round the aisles as speedily as I could. It was Sunday so there were some people I knew from the neighbourhood and we exchanged the usual civilities about holidays and what have you.

Arriving back at home my wife was upstairs and I started to  unpack the shopping.

She appeared a few minutes later holding the long riding crop. 
She meant business as she told me to go into the garage and set up the workmate bench.
I stopped what I was doing and made my way outside and into the garage. I quickly set up the work mate and stood by the side of it.

Get your trousers and pants off and bend over. Her voice was firm.

Once I was bare she could see my erection and she tapped it with the crop. You won’t have this by the time I’ve finished with you. Now get over that bench.

It’s sharp Miss. Could I have a cushion or something?

Don’t be ridiculous. You're lucky I don’t clamp your balls in  that thing.

I stretched over and spread my feet apart for stability.

You needn’t bother counting. I will just thrash you until I think you have learned your lesson. You know how I feel about phones in the car don’t you?

Yes ma’am . I am sorry ma’am it was just a mistake ma'am.

Yes well, it’s a mistake your going to pay for.

She didn’t let up with the cropping  for a long long time and my bottom was well and truly bruised by the end of the thrashing. I hate the crop because that tab at the end flicks round and raises really sore red marks on the side of my cheek.
I also hate it because what I assume is a nylon rod inside the braiding is inflexible. The cane is something that I can get used to after the first 5 or 6 strokes. Indeed the cane becomes more enjoyable the more it is applied. Not so with the crop which is an instrument of pain from start to finish. 
When she was done with my bottom my wife made me stand with my hands on my head and repeat one hundred times in front of her that I must not use the phone whilst driving.

Despite me taking my punishment my wife narky with me all day and my offer of cunnilingus at bedtime was refused.


  1. Will you remember? I don't think you should let your wife know you enjoy the cane that much.


    1. I will try to remember now yes.Each time I see it in the car I will reflect on the thrashing. Unfortunately my wife knows I enjoy the cane and uses it for maintenance not so much for punishment.

  2. Oh, it IS dangerous tho. I hate it when BIKSS drives and texts / talks on the fone. I used to grumble and get really upset. He has since stopped doing it.


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