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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Weekend Report

My wife took Monday as a holiday so that she could get things straight after her break and restore the pictures and bits and pieces to their rightful place in the sitting room, following my redecoration exercise.

When I got home around 6 she was all smiles. She suggested that I shower and come back down in shorts since it was so warm. When she added that I should bring the hairbrush and the cane down with me, my excitement knew no bounds.

I found her in the sitting room, sipping from a glass of wine. I also saw a solitary dining chair placed in the centre of the room.

-          Hello darling. Strip to your pants and come and kneel here.

She held out her hands to take the implements and then picked up the list of jobs I had undertaken over the weekend. The paper was a bit tatty and I saw she had written some notes on it.


-   So let’s see how we got on shall we. Put your hands on your head and kneel up straight.

I shifted my weight on my knees and strained to balance myself. The carpet fibres were not that soft.

-          First the laundry. There were still things un-ironed in the basket.

I started to make an excuse but I was told to be silent from now on. My comments were not needed.

She progressed through the list. Much had been accomplished but she had found hairs behind the toilet bowl, the landing light was not repaired and her cupboards had not been vacuumed out. She wasn’t all that sure that I had done the dusting very well either.

There were plenty of ticks on the list however, so that was all good.

-          Now the sitting room. I am very pleased with you’re your efforts, but…!

There was long pause. She picked up the cane and came round behind me. As she touched the tip of the cane against my neck, I shivered in anticipation.

-          But, there are paint spots on the carpet on the corner and you have missed a large part of the skirting board with the gloss paint. And .....
She drew the cane down my back and inserted the end into the elastic of my pants.

-          The ceiling has definite shadow lines. It might not be noticed  by anyone else but I can see them. Obviously it will have to stay like that but I am disappointed in the quality of your work. If I had paid someone to do this they would certainly be coming back.

The cane was placed on the table and I watched her pick up the hairbrush and sit on the chair in front of me. Her legs are still one of her best assets and she was showing them off to the full in the summer dress.

-          I was thinking that we would have you over my knee to start. You have been quite good and I know you enjoy a spanking, although maybe not so much with the hairbrush.

She pointed to her lap and I shuffled over to her right side still on my knees.

-          Over you go. I’ve been looking forward to this all day.

I could  not comment that so had I. I quite literally crawled over her knees and lay with my palms on the floor on one side and outstretched toes on the other. My erection nestled comfortably on her soft skin but I knew it would not be prominent for long. In days gone past I might have come to orgasm with the friction on her soft skin in this position but not anymore. I relaxed my body and prepared my mind for what was to come.

She placed the brush on my bare back and pulled up my shorts by the elastic waist band. Then slowly she started to run her hand all over the tight blue cotton material. I was in a heavenly state as she caressed every part of my bottom. When she occasionally ran her fingers along the inside of legs and up to where the material formed the V of my crotch I gave out a few groans of pleasure.

-          Enjoying this ?

I did not know whether to speak so I nodded my head but then felt the weight of the brush lift off my back.

-          Well, let’s change all that shall we?

I couldn’t see what was happening but I certainly felt it as the hard wood smacked into my right cheek. In an instant there was a smack on the left cheek, then the other and so on. The spanking was fast and there was no time to catch my breath as I absorbed each blow. After maybe 5 minutes I had been more than well spanked but she continued with hardly a blip in the steady rhythm. I kept shifting my position to stay balanced as I was wriggling a fair amount.

-          Keep still you naughty boy!

I froze. Her words were as exciting as the spanking. Now that she had started to scold me she did so with each spank and  I  was willing her to carry on with this punishment play all night.

The hairbrush spanking eventually stopped and I  left her lap unwillingly. As I stood in front of her she slowly peeled down my pants and turned me aound. With one hand slowly stroking my scorched cheeks she used the other hand to manipulate my and squeeze my prick and balls. My ercetion returned with alacrity.

      -  Time for the cane  darling. Go over to the fireplace and get that bottom out..

I shook off my pants from my feet and got into position with my hands on the mantelpiece and my body arched. I knew she meant business now because my wife reserves this stance for her hardest punishments. She walked behind me reminding me agin of my faults by reading from the chores list.

     -Up onto your toes. Thirty strokes and you can think youself lucky. By rights it should be sixty.

     -Yes ma’am.

     - Be silent.

I braced myself and the cane whizzed across my bottom from my left side. The caning was slow and painful but eventually it was finished and she traced her marking with a fingertip.

    - Good boy. Now stay there until I tell you. I am pleased with you but you still need to learn a lesson so you can think how to do your jobs better whilst I go and have a bath. I will call you when I am done.

   - Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am.


  1. What a wonderful home-coming - and how fortunate you are to have such a strong Mistress to love and chastise you as She does.

    There are many of us who would give the earth itself to be in such a wonderful relationship. As I have said before, you don't realise how wonderful blessed you are to have such a Lady as your Wife and Mistress.

    My polite respects to you too, Ma'am, for permitting DB to tell us about these incidents in Y/your life together.


    1. Thanks HH - yes I am lucky and I try to live appropriately.

  2. Hope you get your jobs done! It sounds like your Mistress means business:).


  3. Hi Kitty
    Yes she was in a determined mood that evening.


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