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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Spanklet - Meeting the neighbours

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

When Julie was invited to a coffee morning on the suburban estate, where she and her husband Max had just moved, she was thrilled. For more than a month Julie had been working in the house, trying to turn it into a home, and she had worried how she might start to make friends in the area.

Julie had researched the tennis clubs, fitness centres and bowling alleys but in the end it was the cocktail party to which they were invited, that had proved to be the ground breaker. Her neighbour had very thoughtfully asked them to come round to a party they were holding to celebrate their daughter’s graduation and, for part of the evening, Julie had enjoyed a long conversation with a very attractive couple who lived only a few miles away. The lady in question, Helen, had been very solicitous as to whether the newly weds had settled in and found their way around. When Julie mentioned that she was on her own most of the day, Helen had said that she would make sure something was done about that and she would be in touch very soon.

 Max had come across the room to be with his young wife and Helen chatted amiably, teasing Max that he had married a very pretty young lady, who should not be left alone all the time. To Julie’s surprise Helen had said that it was very naughty of Max not to make sure that his wife had something to do other than housework. She had turned to Julie and commented that young husbands had to be kept in line if a couple was to have a successful marriage.

Back at home that night Helen had chatted to Max about how nice the party had been and they talked about each person that they had met. When they got round to Helen her husband had gone quiet. Julie asked if he remembered Helen’s comment about being kept in line and he had said, yes, but very quietly. Sensing something different about her husband Julie had asked him what was wrong and Max said nothing and tried to change the subject.

Later that night when they were in bed Julie mentioned Helen’s name again and wondered aloud how she kept her husband in line. Again Max said nothing but Julie could not help noticing that he had quickly become erect when she started to stroke inside her husband’s thighs. She did not know whether to be jealous if it was the mention of Helen that had stimulated Max, but clearly something had excited him so quickly. Julie did not give it any more thought because she got down to using the erection for her own pleasure and then fell asleep wondering about how the visit to Helen’s home would turn out.

The  phone call  from Helen had come a few days later.

When she arrived at the large house the next morning Julie was wildly impressed. It was a few notches higher up the price scale than her own place. She was welcomed by Helen and taken through to a conservatory where another woman was already seated in the rattan cane sofa . Julie was introduced to the rather striking blonde, Isabel, and it went through her mind that this was most certainly a person that her husband would find attractive.

The three of them sat and sipped coffee, talking generally about where Julie and Max had come from, where he worked and what were their plans and the time went by very quickly. After about an hour Helen suggested a swim since it was so hot and when Julie said she would love to but had nothing to wear and maybe she should be going, but Helen interrupted, telling her that she could lend Julie something and anyway it did not matter as most of the time they swam in the nude. 

They left the house and walked down to a pool house where Helen rummaged around to find a bikini set and Isabel proceeded to peel off her clothes down to her pants. Julie looked around the room and admired the surroundings.

Her attention was taken by some wooden fraternity paddles that were hanging as decoration on the wall. When Helen saw her looking at them, she took one down off the wall and explained that they were from hers and her husband’s college days. Isabel commented that there was nothing like the well aimed swat of a paddle to get her going sexually and they all giggled.

Julie went off to the toilet to get changed in privacy and struggled into the bikini set which she felt was at least two sizes too small. When she reappeared the other women were already in the pool. Julie could see that they were both naked and tried not to look at their bodies as she slipped into the cool water. 

She swam a few lengths, keeping her distance from the other women and then stood in the shallow end resting and enjoying the sun on her shoulders. She was astonished to then to see Helen and Isabel embrace and give each other a gentle kiss. They laughed and broke off and Helen suggested that they should all have a drink. Without a second glance the hostess pulled herself on to the side of the pool, not caring that her glistening naked bottom was exposed to full view.

The other two women got out by the steps and all three ran laughing and giggling into the poolhouse.

 As they started to towel themselves dry Isabel complained that it wasn’t fair that Julie still had on her bikini. Helen suggested that a spanking might be in order for not following the house clothing rules. When Julie protested that she had not known they would swim naked, Isabel replied that ignorance was no defence under law and she should be punished. Helen took one of the paddles from its hook on the wall and approached Julie with a wicked smile. Isabel jumped forward and grasped the hapless young woman by the wrist.

There was to be no escape from a spanking it seemed and Julie was suddenly struck by the thought that she would not want to be anywhere else right now.


  1. Very nice, DB - a charming little tale. It's good to have you back and writing this fascinating diversions to relieve our Sunday ennui.


  2. Hi HH - and also good to have your support.


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