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Monday, 20 August 2012

Sunday night

My wife got  home about 9pm last night and was full of the joys, saying that she and her sister had  had a ball. Lots of laughs between them and they had been chatted up by a couple of guys at a wedding party in the hotel.

I unpacked her suitcase and sorted out the dirty clothes from the clean ones. There weren't that many clothes as she had spent most of the weekend in knickers and a fluffy towelling robe I guess.

By the time I got back upstairs, having started the laundry going, she was curled up on bed half asleep.  It was too hot for covers and she lay there with just her linen nightshirt on.

It was evident that there would not be any activity. I was a little disappointed but not surprised.

 I  lay on the bed next to her and listened to her breathing slow down as she went off into her dreams.

In my own thoughts, the evening had turned out rather differently.

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