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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Thursday evening

My wife checked on how well I had shaved myself on Wednesday evening and approved. As I stood there hands on head being inspected, she gave me some instructions for the weekend chores

Thursday, durng our weekly supermarket shop she paused at the clothing section. I had to wait as she carefully went through the various racks. She does not usually buy clothing here. 

In an exaggerated manner she held up first one pair of knickers and then another, asking me what I thought of them and did I think they would fit. I cringed as I caught the eye of a woman nearby who obviously thought that this was not a topic for men in a supermarket aisle. In an effort to get away I just said that they were all fine, whereupon my wife scolded me to pay more attention.

Back home I put all the shopping away and did a pre-prepared meal whilst my wife went upstairs to sort out her clothes for the weekend away. Later that evening as we got ready for bed she unpacked one of the knickers from the set of 3 and told me to try them on. They are lacy boy short cut and even at a larger size they were a tight fit.

When I showed them off my wife asked to explain how they felt. I said they were uncomfortable, tight and scratchy. She said good, that was what she wanted the effect to be. I was to wear a fresh pair each day as I did the jobs over the weekened, one of which includes repainting a room.

Sitting on the bed she pulled me over towards her and peeled down the panties. Looking up into me eyes she then spanked my testicles with an underarm motion. As she slapped them she spoke of her dominant role in our relationship and my submissive one. Each spank made me wince and grimace but I stood my ground and she went on for a long while until I was aching with the pain.

She dismissed me to the spare bedroom and told me not to play with myself until after she got back from her trip.

She is away now and my Saturday stretches in front of me as I look at the chores list and shuffle on the seat in my knickers. The thought that my wife is luxuriating in a comfy bed at the hotel is inspiring. She deserves it for being such a thoughtful woman.

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  1. What a truly awesome Lady your wife is, DB. You are a fortunate man to have Her as your Mistress. Be good for Her and you will make Her happy - is there anything more important you than that?

    I thought not - you are blessed.



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