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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Days of yore

Not certain why, but I  landed on a spanking magazine web site the other day and I was reminded about the USA magazine OBEY.

I recall my excitement when travelling on business to the States and coming across a plethora of spanking literature. Most of the time they just contained photo stories without much written content, but the images were excellent. 

Good looking woman spanking young men with tight butts. 

This was not the sort of content that was available in the UK at the time.

I must have spent hours after work, perusing the sex shops in Boston in the late 70's and  early 80's. I probably did not appreciate the dangers of being in that downtown area of Boston. I think it was called Bandit Country at the time. 

Anyway once I had found what I was looking for I scuttled back to my hotel or a bar and enjoyed the visual stimulus.

In the UK, the Janus magazine only  rarely alluded to Females spanking Men and then the women were a bit odd looking. 

That changed a bit when Obey Magazine UK came along. It was a short lived publication but the photo's were of good looking women and there was some decent story telling.

I think that it was in Februs that there was one section dedicated to F/M spanking. 

Just one article per issue I seem to remember but it was worth it because the rest of the magazine had some great F/F or M/F spanking to enjoy.

Oh, happy days, when my cock was a bit stiffer I recall and demanded more attention.


  1. Obey, I don't think that translates into American. Grin.

    Regretably, I can relate to days of a stiffer cock.

  2. These days anything can be had on the internet, right? :)


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