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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Weekend preparations

My wife is going away on that spa hotel weekend on Friday with her sister. This was the one which I had booked for the two of us to celebrate my birthday. She had asked if she could take her sister instead and like a good chap I had immediately agreed.

As she wants to look her best during the various treatment sessions I was asked to shave her last night and to manicure her toes and nails. We spent nearly two hours in the bathroom and bedroom with me on my knees in the shower cubicle washing and shaving her legs and then with her on the bed whilst I carefully gave her a brazilian, leaving just a flash of hair at the front. 

Afterwards I oiled and rubbed her down and she slipped into her pyjamas. 

As a reward for my efforts she sent me off to get the bathbrush and gave me about thirty cracking spanks whilst I bent over the bed.

We went downstairs to watch TV for an hour and then retired to bed. As we fell asleep she said she wanted me shaven by tomorrow night so that she can choose some silky pants for me to wear whilst I am doing the chores over the weekend. So tonight I will be back in the bathroom with the cream and razor. She also mentioned that the shaving routine had made her think of a razor strop and that maybe I should buy one so that she could try it out. Not sure if I am looking forward to that or not.

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  1. How lovely of you to give up your spa weekend. Hope they have a wonderful time. I'm sure you have plenty to do.



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