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Monday, 13 August 2012

A fellow spankee, who seems to be travelling as the submissive on an F/M road, is blogging at   A man in my position

In addition to some good writing he includes some great artwork.

This one below epitomizes a lovely dream of mine.

I have knelt for ages on a hard floor, blindfold and wearing thong panties and then my wife and mistress takes the time and trouble to whip me.

The lash of the crop is exquisite and my only desire is for  the strokes to continue throughout the night.

But eventually she tires of her disciplinary training  and seeks an orgasm. 

 I am obedient as I remove the blindfold and bow to her wish.


  1. Nice one Michael.

    Have some catching up to do.


  2. Hi Michael. You are right. It is a really interesting blog and beautifully illustrated


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