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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hot results on Spanking Day

Well I earned my International Spanking day badge last night. I was roasted and thrashed.

It was a no-nonsense occasion. My wife came home - I was in the bedroom stood in the corner naked except for shorts- she demanded the cane and I was bent over in the "touch your toes" position. The trouble is I can't  quite reach - I am just a few inches away.

The shorts were pulled down and the cold caning commenced. My wife lectured me throughout. I lost my balance a few times which made her mad. I was told to get fit so that I could at least achieve this simple exercise.

After more than a few minutes and many, many strokes she stopped caning me and I showed my appreciation in the usual manner.

When she went to shower I tidied the cane away, inspected my well marked bottom in a mirror and got on with preparing a meal.

The feeling of release and contentment that I experienced as I put the cane away was fantastic and I am still  relaxed this morning.We chatted happily over breakfast and my wife commented that we would get back to Maintenance Sessions since I so obviously needed them.

The pain and the pleasure, eh?


  1. glad to know you had a fun time
    bottoms up

  2. The bad part is that you had to intentionally misbehave to earn this.

    The good part is that you may be in for more.

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