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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Spanking 8th

My wife is unaware of the spanking blogger scene and is not familiar with International Spanking Day.

So in order to participate I have had to come up with a cunning plan. Over the weekend I left our bathroom in a bit of a state and answered her back once or twice.

Then yesterday I forgot to take out the garbage for collection when I left for work meaning that she had to pull the wheelie bin down to the road . Last night I called in at the pub on the way from work. She tasted the beer on my lips when I came home and quizzed me. I am not supposed to be drinking during the week.

In bed last night I made some attempt at lovemaking. She rebuffed my entry but accepted cunnilingus. Whilst I was busy in between her thighs she commented that it had been sometime since I had been dealt with.

I paused momentarily to mutter, yes ma’am, sorry ma’am, and then continued with my tongue. She related nearly all my recent misdemeanours and told me that she had been letting things go. I mumbled in agreement. As she started to moan and wriggle with an upcoming orgasm, she told me that she would deal with me tomorrow, that is to say today, the 8th of August.

I am to get home early and prepare for a thrashing.

Hey ho. I wonder how that came about?

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