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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Which paddle?

If you are having difficulty deciding which paddle you may wish to purchase or use, you could take a look at this product demo video Paddles

The one my wife most likes to use is our version of the Spencer Paddle- long, wide and plenty of coverage with a hell of a sting. When the spankings start with this particular paddle I immediately think I must be mad to offer up my bare bottom for pain, but then my submissive side kicks in and I know it is for the best in our relationship.

A dozen strokes later and I am relishing the powerful smacks.

We were at a neighbourhood BBQ last evening and I overheard a conversation which a group of women were having about "that book". One women said it was ridiculous and that no one would let themselves be treated like that. Another said she was not sure about that, they wouldn't sell all that stuff if people weren't doing it, would they?

I looked at this lady with renewed interest.  You never know who is round the corner in suburbia.

p.s. thanks to Ms Dana Kane for the update on paddles.


  1. We, unfortunately in some ways, never know the kinks that our neighbors might have. Grat little video
    bottoms up

  2. Ha! that's funny. I like to imagine what the neighbors might do...

  3. I found out that a lot of young women are reading "that book". My oldest daughter has read all of the books, lol! She asked me if I'd read them and I could honestly tell her no. I told her I'd probably read them when there wasn't such a hype over them.



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