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Monday, 12 September 2011


A favourite instrument in our blanket box, is this strap from Bondara, a UK web site.

It is about 17” in length and easy to hold and swing. Inside the leather there is a thin strip of metal which gives it some rigidity when it strikes.

My wife enjoys using it on the back of my legs as well as across my bare bottom.

I can vouch for the fact that is delivers a serious smack. If I am receiving a punishment with this strap, rather than a maintenance spanking, she will frequently angle her stroke so that she hits my bits between my legs. The pain caused by these ball flicks is intense but, afterwards, the glowing throb in that area is a good reminder to behave better in the future.

In a maintenance session the first half dozen strokes with this strap are quite painful but then the endorphins kick in and the steady smack, smack, smack across my bare cheeks becomes very rewarding.


  1. Wow, your wife is a "little" sadistic concerning those tender bits!!! Just sayin'!


  2. Bob- thanks for commenting. Don't ask me why put the pain down there has its own pleasure.

  3. Sounds like a nasty little piece of leather to me.....

  4. RM- thanks for commenting. Once the strap has landed a few times it is quite easy to take more.


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