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Friday, 23 September 2011


A number of DD and spanking blogs which I read are either not in favour of, or sceptical of, the  benefits of punishment spankings. They argue that the bottom must be doing his or her best to merit a punishment stroke.
For me there is still a positive effect on my behaviour when I am told to enter something in the punishment book. I will correct whatever I did wrong and make a mental note to avoid doing it in the future.
There may be  many weeks go by without me having to make an entry and the book is only looked at when my wife asks for it. Sometimes she may just make a comment like, oh, I had forgotten about that, and then hand me the book back for safekeeping.
Last night the TV was off and I was mending a light whilst my wife did something upstairs. When she came down she sent me for the little book and made me enter 6 strokes for attempting to argue with her about some insurance matter. I had pulled back when I saw she was annoyed but she had remembered the incident and wanted it dealt with.
As I went off to put the book back in the drawer she told me to leave it out in the bedroom as it would be needed over the weekend.
There are a total of 58 strokes held over so it might be a difficult Saturday.
Unlike Maintenance Spankings I get no feelings of pleasure out of the thrashings that  result from a reconciliation of the Punishment Book.


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  2. 58 strokes? Ouch. We ran a punishment book for a while but, as you know, I'm not the best behaved sub and the numbers just kept totting up and up. It became impossible because we had no set regime. That's why we went to maintenance punishments. Have to say though that the idea of a punishment book just adds so much to that whole DD regime


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